Facebook Graph Search History

How to Delete Facebook Graph Search History [video]

How to delete Facebook Graph Search History

Today, Facebook rolled out Facebook Graph Search. For those of you who don’t know about Facebook Graph Search, it a very powerful graphing tool that let’s you search anything you want on Facebook. One important thing about Facebook Graph Search – it stores your search history.  If you don’t like Facebook storing your graph search history, you can delete it.  Here’s how to delete Facebook Graph Search History in just three easy steps.

How to delete Facebook Graph Search History (video)

To delete your Facebook Graph Search history, follow these steps:

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While Facebook Graph Search stores everything you search.  One thing I noticed is that if you type in your search and hit enter – instead of the recommended tab key, your search results do not get stored in Facebook Graph Search history.

Overall, I like Facebook Graph Search – even if it does store my search history and want to hear from you.

Question: How do you feel about Facebook storing your search history? Leave a comment and tell me if you how you feel about Facebook having access to so much data about you.

  • Pan

    It’s not true! Because in the Search Preview (the list of profiles/pages that scrolls down when you type a letter in the search box) the history of searched/visited profile remains!! And there isn’t a way to delete it! I think this is a great Facebook bug, and it’s strange that at the voice ‘Search Preview’ in the Help Center, Facebook says that the list shown when you type a letter in the search box is not your search history, but a list of pages that you might like! I think there is something like that, but also searched/visited profiles are shown and there is no way to erase this ‘Preview Cronology’! Why? Ex. If I search for a profile with which I have nothing in common and I visit it, after this profile will be shown in my preview whenever I will type the first letters of its name, even though I had deleted the Search History you speak about!

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      Pan, remember, Facebook hasn’t rolled out Facebook Graph search to everyone so your experience may be different from other users. Most people in fact don’t have it. I suspect once it is rolled out, this will change and any bugs will be fixed.

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      @fd35c05bdef836d471be07c7c71c1f65:disqus, it’s possible that there are some bugs in Facebook graph search. Remember, this is in beta. Not everyone has it yet.

  • arlinehunter386@gmail.com

    Why is FB charging up to $20.00 a Day for Having a group,it was a couple and for a good cause,non profit ,no money exchange of any kind but FB wiped my info posts from my friends and group members all because of this new search graph,the page says I must pay now 1st and the cost is phenomenol !

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      @arlinehunter386gmailcom:disqus, Facebook isn’t charging anything to have a group. If you’re paying anyone any sum of money for a Facebook Group, I would ask for it back.

  • Linda Faye Bird


    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      @4ee546c6a06b7568ceb42da1a008a508:disqus, once you install Facebook Graph Search, you cannot delete it. They only work-around is to change the language on your Facebook account. For example, English to Pirate-speak, etc.

  • Telojo

    It didn’t work for me. I followed the steps and I clicked “clear search” but as soon as I type a letter in the box all my history keeps poping up down the arrow.

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      Your search is always going to pop-up your history. That is something you cannot delete. It’s there to help you get to things faster.

      This way shows you how to delete your Facebook Graph Search history – the things you search for regularly that it stores.

      • Kate Carreiro

        But, every time I type the first letter of the name of a person who I regret searching for in the box, their name pops up. I really need not to see this name.

        • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

          @katecarreiro:disqus, this isn’t going to stop someone’s name from popping up. Facebook wants that to happen as it speeds up the process for getting to the information they think you want. This is a similar approach that Google users to return search results faster. Predictive search.

        • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

          @katecarreiro:disqus, one other thing you can try. On the profile you don’t want showing up in search results, go to the profile and click the … button and select block.

  • ashtonian

    How do you ‘clear’ Suggested Pages? There are some suggestions, based on where you have visited that I’d rather not see come up.

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      @ashtonian:disqus, you can’t delete the Facebook suggestions when you search.