Delete Vine videos

Delete Vine Videos & Clean-up Your Profile [video]

Overall, I absolutely love the concept of the video-sharing app, Vine. I find it very fun, not to mention, you can create some pretty amazing and helpful content. From time-to-time though, it is important to go back and delete Vine videos that you no longer need.

These are most likely videos you created and uploaded when you were first learning how to use Vine.

Why delete Vine videos?

Delete Vine videos

While there’s no official rule that says you need to delete Vine videos that you no longer need, deleting old videos can be helpful.

Here are a few reasons why you should go back and delete Vine videos.

  • Removes embarrassing content or test content
  • Cleans up your Vine profile
  • Makes your Vine profile look more professional

How to delete Vine videos and clean-up your profile

Deleting a Vine video is very easy. We’ve put together this video tutorial on how to delete Vine videos and also provided step-by-step instructions.

  1. Launch Vine
  2. Locate one of your Vine videos you want to delete
  3. Press the “…” icon
  4. Press “delete”

That’s it! That’s how easy it is to delete Vine videos from your account.

If your goal is to delete your videos because you no longer want your Vine account, here’s how to delete your Vine account.

So what types of videos are you shooting with Vine? I can think of a lot of different uses for Vine – tutorials, recipes, instructions, even directions, but would love to hear what you’re using Vine for.

Question: What type of content are you sharing on Vine? Be sure to leave a comment below and tell me more about the content you are creating for Vine.

  • s.bitts

    This does not work on an android device. Is there some other way to delete?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @59f1ea1843ec9b7f85e445266c765860:disqus, are you on your Vines? If you are looking at someone else’s Vines or a revine and hit the … button, you don’t get the option to delete. It’s only on your own Vines.

      On Android, try tapping the … in the top right corner (when you’re on one of your own Vines). For some reason, they decided to move things around on the Android interface.

  • Krystal Dessirea

    Do you know how to delete a comment from your profile on Vine? I know it can be done but hv not figured out the trick. Please advise. Thank you

  • Clover Wolf

    But what about for android? ‘Delete Post’ doesn’t come up on my tablet.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @0e77d4cebdaf966bcfb74e3dec17b136:disqus, do you have a … button? I believe that’s where they added the delete post option on Android.

  • Karen Richard Packer

    How do you delete a vine that was sent to you?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @karenrichardpacker:disqus, what do you mean by deleting a Vine video that was sent to you? Did someone send you a link via email? Need additional information.

  • Emily loves Freckles

    How do you delete a comment from you activity feed that someone sent you? And you want it off of your activity feed.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @disqus_pr56oEF9wR:disqus, you can’t. They would have to delete their own comment.

  • Doesnt Like Promo Vines

    But I want to delete the OTHER vines, that are PROMOTED, and have 500 billion loops and contaminate your Vine account. How do you put those in the trash where they belong?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      You can’t – unless you unfollow the users that are sharing them.

  • Courtney Diamond

    How to you delete your likes

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      You would need to go back to the items you’ve liked and unlike them.

  • Courtney Diamond


  • Courtney Diamond

    My old likes won’t load and vine won’t let me delete them

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      You might want to try restarting the app and/or your device.

    • Nic

      I have that problem too i dont know how to fix it

      • Christian Karasiewicz

        Can you share a link to the Vine that won’t load? I’m wondering if it’s more of a caching issue.

  • Nic

    How do you fix the issue where the vine you liked is deleted and it still shows the same number of likes

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      Seems like that’s a bug with Vine. You might want to try contacting Vine support to see if they can do anything on their end. Here is the form you’ll need.

  • morgen

    I have a friend who has an embarrassing vine and doesn’t want me to show anyone and I did and now we are not friends so I am trying to take her vine video off and it doesn’t show the delete post option.

  • Allison Dobsch

    What about revines? I want to clean up my account, but I don’t know how to get rid of the revines.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      You would need to go back through those. Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way short of deleting your account.

  • tegan

    I’m trying to clean up my feed and I managed to do most of it,but it wont show revines past my very first post,im not sure if I already deleted them but if I did it still shows as 200 posts,i used to have around 500 until I revined most and my feeds only showing around 100 posts,how do I fix the number or how do I see posts past my first post on vine,ive restarted it and everything I’m not sure past that

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @disqus_Vq0lzh78j3:disqus, that’s something Vine would need to fix. They’ve made a lot of changes since they first launched so some of that may not be accessible.

  • Kae

    Hi Im trying to delete a vine account I made when I was younger with my friends., however we used fake emails when making them. It can hurt me in the professional world, how do I get them down?

  • LMc

    How do you recover a discarded video that was recorded with the Vine app but phone is not connected to the internet? When I closed the video, it disappeared.