Facebook Reply Links Means Threaded Comments [video]

While Facebook is great at helping us connect with friends and family and businesses, as the volume of comments grows, it can make it difficult to follow the conversation.  Fortunately, they have rolled out a new feature called Facebook reply links.

Previously, anytime you commented on a Facebook status update, your comment would get posted at the bottom of the comments thread. This made it difficult to follow the conversation because you had to read through multiple conversations. With the introduction of Facebook reply links, it’s now a whole lot easier to reply to comments because you can reply to any comment and it will keep comments threaded (and organized).

Here’s an example of the old form of Facebook comments and Facebook reply links in comments.

Facebook comments without reply links

Facebook reply links in comments


Facebook comments with reply links

Facebook reply links in comments

So how do you get the new Facebook reply links within your comments?

How to activate Facebook reply links on your Facebook Page

To get Facebook reply links, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Facebook Page with 10,000+ fans – This example has less than 10,000 fans and they have the new reply links in comments. 
  • Once turned on, Facebook reply links only work on new comments only.
  • Facebook reply links in comments only work when you’re using Facebook as your profile and not as your Facebook Page.

If you’re ready to activate your Facebook Page to get Facebook reply links on your Facebook comments, watch this short video.

YouTube Preview Image

Question: How do you feel about this new feature? Do you think it will make it easier for fans and customers to keep up with the conversation on your Facebook Page? Click here to comment.