18 Tips on Using Social Media for Events [infographic]

If your business holds events, one thing you want to make sure you do if you want your event to succeed is to leverage social media for events. Not only is social media a great way to build the buzz around your next event, but it can also be used to keep attendees informed about your event.

Why is social media for events important?

Social media isn’t just used to share your latest blog post or to tell customers about your newest products. It can be used for a whole lot more.

Whether you run a conference, seminar, concert, sporting event, fundraiser, or club, social media should be a key component at any of your events.

Today, more and more customers are looking to social media when they attend events and not to programs or handouts. They do this for a number of reasons such as keeping up with your event, learning about breakout sessions, featured speakers, and more.

How can using social media for events help my business?

The great thing about social media for events is that it isn’t just to help your customers or event attendees. Your business can benefit as well.

For example, instead of overprinting handouts and programs, your business just needs to tell attendees to follow your social media channels when they are at an event to know what is going on.

In turn, your business needs to make sure that any changes or event information is published in a timely manner on your social channels.

In addition, if there is a last minute change, instead of trying to communicate this information to attendees, by using social media for events, you can communicate this change through your Facebook or Twitter channels. This way, you can make one announcement – to follow your business on social media to learn about updates and changes. Crisis averted!

If you’re still not convinced that your business needs social media for events, Eventility recently published an infographic featuring 4 ways to use social media for events to connect better with your attendees.

We’ve broken this down into 18  helpful tips on using social media for your next event.

18 tips on using social media for events

Organizing an event

1. Collaborate with other event organizers
2. Collect RSVP’s online
3. Involve potential attendees in the organization process
4. Find suppliers using online reviews

Promoting an event

5. Create event listings on social networks
6. Integrate social media with registration
7. Use a hashtag
8. Create promotional videos

Expanding the live experience

9. Offer prizes to the most engaged attendees
10. Live-stream the event to reach a global audience
11. Display Twitter walls
12. Encourage attendees to check-in at different locations
13. Provide customer support

Extending the value of an event

14. Upload the highlights to YouTube
15. Share presentations and write blog posts
16. Collect photos and showcase your work on Pinterest
17. Monitor the buzz and use it to collect feedback
18. Keep your online community engaged all year round

Social media for events

[Via Eventility]

 Question: Are there any other ways you are using social media for events? You can leave a comment by clicking here.