Don’t know what to post to your social networks, go ask your mom [Infographic]

One of the questions I often get asked about on building a successful Facebook Page or any social media account is what should I post?

Not knowing your business, what you do, what you offer and which channels you’re currently using to engage with customers, I can offer one piece of advice.

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Social Media crime solvers [Infographic]

Social Media isn’t just a place to network or to connect with friends or family.  In fact, law enforcement officials have been using social media as well – to help solve crimes because of the valuable amount of data that it provides them. For example, while the photos and status updates you uploaded were meant for friends, law enforcement often uses this information as a way to provide valuable clues towards solving crimes such as identifying someone or the location where a photo (and subsequent crime) was taken.

In addition to convicting criminals, social media has been used by 80% of law enforcement to solve crimes.

Below are some of the important facets on how social media has been used to help solve crime – along with the major networks law enforcement officials use most often.

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How to create a custom YouTube thumbnail image

For about the past two years, I have been steadily leveraging my YouTube channel to engage more with viewers and to broaden the reach of my videos. During this time, I’ve been keeping an eye on a number of changes that YouTube has been making – some of those incude the ability to create a custom YouTube background and the ability to monetize your YouTube videos.

While these are great features that can help you better personalize your YouTube channel and bring in a little money for your hard work, one of my favorite features that they added is the ability to set a custom YouTube thumbnail image.

Upload a custom YouTube thumbnail image for your video

Selecting a specific YouTube thumbnail image

Previously, if you wanted to choose a specific shot from your video to be used as a thumbnail, it could be done if you were a skilled video editor and followed these complicated instructions. For most YouTube users though, this was just too difficult to do and frankly, not worth your time. Enter custom YouTube thumbnail images!

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[Download] FREE YouTube Background Image Template

Download Free YouTube background template
One of my favorite ways to engage with fans via social media is through my YouTube channel. Not only is YouTube the #2 search engine, but it’s also a great tool to promote and grow your online presence.  For example, if you’re someone who creates a lot of videos about your products, YouTube is a great place to upload and store your content because not only are your videos available for people searching YouTube or Google, but they can also be embedded on websites or shared via your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

While uploading your video content to YouTube is a must for anyone who wants to use video to engage better with their audience, one area that often gets overlooked when growing your online presence through YouTube is your YouTube background image.

Although your YouTube background image is a static image that subscribers cannot click, it gives you the opportunity to get creative. For example, you can brand your YouTube channel – simply by changing the colors. This space can also be used to let YouTube subscribers know that you’re also on other social networks or that you have a website.

Customize your YouTube background image

Creating a YouTube background image:

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How to change your Twitter header image

Big news today for Twitter users. Twitter profile pages have now been updated with header images. If you’ve ever used Facebook or Google+, they’re basically a version of the cover photo.

To see what Twitter header images look like, visit your Twitter account and click on the “me” section. Now let’s customize your Twitter header image!

So how do you change your Twitter header image?

First things first – prepare your image. When creating your image, keep in mind that using a smaller image than the recommended size will result in a grainy and poor Twitter header image. Also, when choosing an image, remember, this image goes below your Twitter avatar so it may take a few tries to get things right.

The recommend size for your new Twitter header image is as follows:

  • Dimensions: 1252×626 px
  • Maximum size of 5 mb

Why change your Twitter header image?

One of the key benefits to Twitter header images is that it’s a great way to help give your followers better insight into what makes you tick – it’s also great for improving interactions with followers.

How to change your Twitter header image via your desktop

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10 everyday places to find more fans, followers, and subscribers

How to find more fans with social media

Everywhere you look, businesses are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube…the list goes on.  While joining lots of social networks is a great way to grow your online presence, it does not guarantee that you’ll get fans, followers or subscribers.  In fact, getting fans, followers or subscribers can be a challenge – often because you’re unknown, you’re not targeting the right audience, or you’re not posting enough (or at the wrong times).

While there are many ways to build your fanbase over time, here are 10 everyday places where you can find more fans, followers and subscribers.

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Facebook Promoted Posts and 10 Tips To Know

Facebook promoted posts have been around for a little over a month. For most Facebook users however, they’re a little confusing because you now have yet another tool to help you market your business on Facebook.

12 tips on using Facebook Promoted Posts on your Facebook Page

So what are Facebook Promoted Posts?

Promoted posts give you the ability to have a post from your Facebook Page shown to more of your friends and fans.

To help you eliminate the complexities of Facebook promoted posts, here are 10 tips on using Facebook Promoted Posts on your Facebook Page.

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How to Twitter [Infographic]

While there are a lot of social networks to sign-up for, probably one of the easiest social networks to join and start using has to be Twitter. While most networks require you to add friends and start following people, Twitter takes a different approach.Instead, all you need to do is sign-up (which takes about a minute) and then you can begin looking at posts from  other Twitter users and can interact with their content by tweeting, retweeting and following those users.

To help you get started with learning Twitter lingo, check out this Infographic on how to Twitter, complete with all of the steps you need to sign-up, select a username, and begin following and tweeting to others on Twitter.

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Changing your Facebook vanity URL username [video]

Back in 2009, there was a major land grab for Facebook vanity URL’s. What this meant was that a lot of people ended up with really bad URL’s – that they couldn’t change.  Fast-forward three years later and Facebook seems to have been listening because now you can change your Facebook vanity URL username. While this is great for those of you who got stuck with a bad vanity URL — think anything with underscores or dashes — this means you can now fix that and continue building your brand via social media.

Before you get all excited though, there are three caveats to changing your Facebook vanity URL

  1. You must have 200 Facebook fans before you are allowed to make this change
  2. Changing your URL means you will also lose any search engine positioning you previously had
  3. Your old URL also won’t redirect, so if you have it on business cards, a website, flyers or in email signatures, you’ll need to change it STAT!
For those of you who are ready to change your Facebook vanity URL, watch this very brief video on how to change your Facebook vanity URL username:

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5 Things to Promote with Facebook Promoted Posts

Promoted posts on FacebookFacebook recently added a new feature called promoted posts, aimed at helping you reach more of your fans. While this means you can promote any of your Facebook posts, it is important to remember that every piece of content should not be promoted. Think of it as a tool to use for only your best content.

For business owners, it is very important to know what kinds of posts you should promote, because the more you post and overwhelm your customers, the more likely they are to unlike your page or hide it from their newsfeed. You wouldn’t want that, would you? That means lost revenue and lost opportunities to get more eyes on your content, not to mention it could lead to poor word of mouth marketing to other customers.

So what should you promote?

Ideally, you should be very selective about what you post. You also want to make sure that whatever you are posting about is something that is a result producing activity – meaning something that will get users to take an action. If you’re just sharing news that has already been written about across a number of other websites, running a promoted posts may not be ideal, because you most likely won’t get the “pop” that you were expecting from fans. Instead, focus on posts that will help your business reach its own goals.

Here are five different types of content that you should consider using Facebook promoted post for.

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