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Build awareness, drive Facebook traffic for promotions – Infographic

With the launch of Facebook Timeline, Facebook tabs saw their engagement drop by 50%. This isn’t good news if you’re a business trying to leverage promotions to drive Facebook traffic.

If you have created Facebook landing page tabs and you’re trying to target users on mobile devices, things only go from bad to worse. This is because Facebook landing page tabs don’t work on mobile devices (unless you create them using ShortStack and promote the link to your page tab).

At this point, this  means that your business now has even more work to do on-top of running your Facebook promotions just to get the word out to fans and customers.

Fortunately, there a number of things you can do as a business owner after creating a Facebook promotion to help increase awareness and drive Facebook traffic when you’re running your next promotion.

For starters, if you’re promoting a Facebook landing page tab, you’ll want to be sure to share that link with fans. Otherwise, they won’t be able to access them from their mobile devices.

So you have your Facebook promotions created – what else can your business be doing to help increase awareness with customers and to drive Facebook traffic for your promotions? Let’s find out.

8 ways to drive Facebook traffic for promotions

  1. Post your Facebook promotion on your Facebook Page
  2. Reward referrers
  3. Leverage other social media channels
  4. Pick a great prize – try these 17 ways to leverage Facebook Graph Search as a marketer
  5. Provide a link on your blog or website
  6. Include your Facebook promotion in your email newsletter
  7. Create a custom Facebook cover photo – try these 5 cover photo ideas
  8. Use Facebook Ads

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How do you drive Facebook traffic on your promotions?

Driving traffic to your Facebook promotion isn’t easy. There is definitely an art to doing it.

For some businesses, it may be tough to drive Facebook traffic regardless of the type of promotion you run. This is because your products just don’t work on Facebook (sorry).

Has your business had success using promotions to drive Facebook traffic?

Leave a comment below with a link to your Facebook Page and tell me what promotion you ran and which tips produced the best results for your business.