Tips on using Facebook promoted posts to increase engagement

Facebook Promoted Posts and 10 Tips To Know

Facebook promoted posts have been around for a little over a month. For most Facebook users however, they’re a little confusing because you now have yet another tool to help you market your business on Facebook.

12 tips on using Facebook Promoted Posts on your Facebook Page

So what are Facebook Promoted Posts?

Promoted posts give you the ability to have a post from your Facebook Page shown to more of your friends and fans.

To help you eliminate the complexities of Facebook promoted posts, here are 10 tips on using Facebook Promoted Posts on your Facebook Page.

10 Tips About Facebook Promoted Posts

  1. Facebook Promoted Posts are only available on Facebook Pages with more than 400 fans
    • Haven’t reached 400 fans yet? Ask your friends and current fans to share your Facebook Page with their friends.
  2. Promoted posts can only be used on content that is 3 days old (or less)
    • When you hover over the “promote” button, you will get an error message saying “promotion unavailable.”
  3. Promoted posts show a “sponsored” tag
    • Did you think you could promote a post and not tell your fans that you did? Each post has a “sponsored” tag underneath the post in the Facebook News Feed.
  4. You can stop a promoted post
    • To stop a promoted post, simply click on the promote button. Next, click the widget > stop promotion.
  5. Monitor the success of your promoted posts – during and after the campaign
    • To see how well your promoted post is doing, simply go to your Facebook Page and hover over the “promote” link at the bottom of your post. For finished campaigns, it will say “promotion complete.”
  6. Rename promoted posts
    • If you run multiple promoted posts, rename them to make them easier to sort through. Here’s a helpful link to view your promoted posts. To rename a post, click the pencil icon next to the ad.
  7. Supplement Facebook Ads with promoted posts
    • A lot of people think that Facebook Ads and Facebook promoted posts are the same thing. They’re not.  I like to think of Facebook Ads as a way to fill the funnel with new fans and Facebook promoted posts as a way to target those specific fans.
  8. Increase engagement with Facebook Promoted Posts (especially with Facebook Mobile)
    • A lot of people don’t realize that most of their Facebook Page posts don’t ever get seen by their fans. Couple that with the fact that Facebook Sponsored Stories and Facebook Ads are not seen via Facebook Mobile, you have a tremendous opportunity to now reach fans via their mobile phones! In addition, by promoting posts, this gives you the opportunity to get your post seen and the opportunity to reconnect with your fans.
  9. Choose wisely
    • Not all posts require Facebook promoted posts. For example, paying to promote a sale your business is offering might not have a big impact. Why? Because people aren’t thinking about buying 24/7. From my experience, fun posts seem to get more likes, comments and shares. While it may not instantly get you the sale, it is a GREAT way to your content seen and to grow your interactions with fans. Remember, more interactions with your Facebook Page content means more of your other content will get shown to fans.
  10. Promote giveaways
    • People LOVE free stuff. If you’re giving something away – it could be an eBook, a physical product or a service. Consider using Facebook promoted posts to reach more fans and to get more entries so that your contest goes out with a bang and not a whimper.

Bonus Tip: the mileage on these tips may vary from page to page. When applying these to your own Facebook Page, determine if they will help you reach your overall Facebook marketing goals. Some may not.