How to add YouTube video cards

    How to Add YouTube Video Cards to Your YouTube Videos

    Would you like to drive more traffic to your website from your YouTube

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    Facebook Page Call to Action buttons

    Facebook Page Call to Action Buttons – The Ultimate Guide

    Would you like to drive fans on your Facebook Page to take a specific

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    Shoulderpod S1 review

    Shoulderpod S1 Review – How to film better videos with your smartphone

    Have you ever tried to take videos or photos with your smartphone only to have

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    Use the request desktop site on a mobile device to request the desktop version of Facebook.

    How to request the desktop site in Safari for Facebook

    Have you ever had clients need help and all you had with your mobile

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    Hyperlapse labs

    How to access the “top secret” Hyperlapse labs menu

    By now you've seen a lot of examples of businesses and brands

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    Delete a Facebook unpublished post

    Cleaning up Power Editor: How to delete a Facebook unpublished post or dark post

    Did you create too many Facebook unpublished posts in Power Editor? Do you

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    Facebook news feed organizer

    How Feedly can help create a better Facebook news feed organizer

    [Update: As of June 23, 2015 Facebook has deprecated its RSS service. For the

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    Install LeadPages in Wordpress

    How to install LeadPages in WordPress

    It's no secret, I'm a big fan of LeadPages. In fact, I often get asked a lot how

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    Hashtag tracking tools

    5 Hashtag tracking tools to help track and measure social media performance

    How many of you are use hashtag tracking tools to help you identify and plan out

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    How to add a menu to your Facebook Page

    How to add a menu to your Facebook Page – Video

    Do you run a restaurant? Would you like to learn how to add a menu to your

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    Redeem Google Helpouts promo codes

    How to redeem or use a promo code on Google Helpouts

    Did you receive a Google Helpouts promo code? Learn how to redeem Google

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    Disable Facebook autoplay video

    How to disable Facebook autoplay video on desktop and mobile

    With the recent announcement about Facebook video metrics, this means you can

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    Delete LeadPages images

    Cleaning up LeadPages images to create landing pages faster!

    When I first started using LeadPages, it took a little time to figure out how

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    Integrate Instagram with Facebook

    3 Ways to make your Instagram community explode using Facebook

    Do you wish your business could grow its presence on Instagram? It takes a

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    Display photos from Instagram on a Facebook Page using Shortstack

    How to display Instagram photos on your Facebook Page using Shortstack

    According to Digital Trends, Instagram grew its users by 23% in 2013 compared to

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    Shortstack polls and questions

    How to bring back Facebook questions to Facebook Pages

    Are you looking for more ways to interact and engage with your

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    Display YouTube or Vimeo videos on a Facebook Page

    How to use Shortstack to display YouTube or Vimeo videos on your Facebook Page

    Does your business create a lot of YouTube or Vimeo videos? Instead of

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    Facebook call to action buttons

    How to add Facebook Call to Action buttons to ads and posts to improve click-throughs

    Do you wish you could get better engagement in the Facebook news feed with your

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    How to search Facebook posts using Google

    Digging up past posts from Facebook profiles and pages with the help of Google search

    Are you tired of waiting for Facebook to let you use Facebook Graph search to

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    Instagram direct

    Share Instagram photos and videos with Instagram Direct in 4 Simple Steps

    After a failed attempt by Facebook to acquire Snapchat for $3 billion, they hit

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    Twitter feed on a Facebook Page using Shortstack

    Building a Twitter Facebook landing page tab using Shortstack

    Last week we showed you how to add a Google Calendar to your Facebook Page.

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    Embed a Google calendar on Facebook using Shortstack

    How to embed Google Calendar on your Facebook Page with Shortstack

    Last week we talked about 10 reasons to use Shortstack. Today we're going to

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    Shortstack for business

    10 Reasons to use ShortStack for business

    Are you looking for ways to make your Facebook Page more engaging for fans and

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    How to edit a Facebook video thumbnail image

    How to customize your Facebook video thumbnail

    If you share a lot of videos on your Facebook Page, one thing you want to do is

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    Vine Time Travel

    Vine Time Travel for editing Vine videos

    Do you wish you could edit your Vine videos before you post them? Now you can

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    Vine Sessions tutorial

    How to use Vine Sessions to save drafts of Vine videos

    Do you wish you could save multiple Vine videos? Now you can with Vine

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    Facebook best practices - Facebook Page tips

    10 Things you didn’t know you could do with your Facebook Page

    It's hard to believe that Facebook has been around for nearly 10 years. Over

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    How to disable Facebook comments

    Disable Facebook comments on a Facebook Page

    Do you want to restrict people from commenting on your Facebook Page? While it's

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    Facebook Reviews Button Tutorial

    How to add a Facebook Reviews Button to a Facebook Page

    Do you need a way to collect reviews on your Facebook Page? Now you can with the

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    Edit Facebook posts

    How to fix errors using the edit Facebook posts feature

    One of the missing features on Facebook was the ability to edit Facebook

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    YouTube timecode

    Using a YouTube timecode to improve video conversions

    One of the frustrating things about online video is that if a video is really

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    How to record Skype calls

    How to record Skype calls in 4 quick steps

    When I first began creating podcasts, one of the areas that frustrated me was

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    Vine focus tool

    Vine focus tool – putting the subject into focus

    If you want to shoot good Vine videos, you want to use the Vine focus

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    YouTube subscribe button

    Grow your views with a YouTube subscribe button – Video

    Publishing content on YouTube is a great way to grow your presence using video.

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    Facebook shared photo albums

    Facebook shared photo albums – collaborate and consolidate [video]

    If you've ever attended a conference or gone on vacation with friends or family,

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    Vine ghost tool

    Vine ghost tool – stop-motion animation videos like a pro – Video

    Are you frustrated with shooting poor stop-motion animation videos using Vine?

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    Tagging on Vine

    Growing your connections by tagging on Vine

    Do you take advantage of tagging on Vine to help spread the word about your

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    How to report Vine comments

    How to report Vine comments in 4 quick steps [video]

    When someone leaves an inappropriate comment on Vine, do you report Vine

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    Leave a LinkedIn group

    4 steps to leave a LinkedIn group [video]

    Have you ever received the following message when you tried to join a group on

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    How to delete Vine comments

    How to delete Vine comments you don’t want in 3 steps

    When posting comments on sites like Vine, do you ever manage and delete Vine

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    Google Forms

    How to create a survey using Google Forms [video]

    When collecting feedback from customers, have you tried using Google

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    Video thumbnail for youtube video How to delete Facebook search history [video] -

    How to delete Facebook search history [video]

    A question I often get asked is "how to delete Facebook search history?"  As

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    Report Facebook recommendations

    How to delete Facebook recommendations [video]

    The Facebook recommendations box can be a valuable tool for your Facebook Page.

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    Facebook photo privacy settings on photo albums

    Changing Facebook photo privacy settings [video]

    Each time you upload new photos to a photo album, it is important that you have

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    Delete Vine videos

    Delete Vine Videos & Clean-up Your Profile [video]

    Overall, I absolutely love the concept of the video-sharing app, Vine. I find it

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    Signature-Secret notes & photos app review

    Signature-Secret Notes and Photos App Review [video]

    If you store passwords, login credentials or personal information you don't want

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    How to contact Instagram

    Contact Instagram – In a Snap!

    One of the biggest challenges to using any social network is getting help. In

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    Facebook reply links in comments

    Facebook Reply Links Means Threaded Comments [video]

    While Facebook is great at helping us connect with friends and family and

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    How to schedule and backdate Facebook posts

    How to schedule and backdate Facebook posts

    Do you need to backdate Facebook posts on your Facebook Page to fill in your

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    Unlink YouTube and Twitter

    5 Reasons Why You Should Unlink YouTube and Twitter

    Joining both YouTube and Twitter (and I don't mean connecting the two) can have

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    How to share photos and videos in the Apple Mail iOS app

    How to share photos and videos right from the Mail App in iOS

    Sharing photos and videos within the Apple Mail app in iOS can be challenging.

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    Pinterest secret boards

    How to create Pinterest secret boards to surprise your competition

    Do you wish you could create Pinterest boards ahead of time without other users

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    Download free YouTube thumbnail template for Adobe Photoshop

    [Download] FREE YouTube Thumbnail Template

      One of my favorite features for customizing your YouTube channel is with a

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    Send a tweet to iOS contacts

    View and send tweets to iOS contacts

    Now that you've purchased your first iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini) and

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    How to add the recommendations box to your Facebook Page

    How to add the Facebook recommendations box to your Facebook Page [video]

    One of the most overlooked features for your Facebook Page is the Facebook

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    How to create a custom YouTube thumbnail image

    How to create a custom YouTube thumbnail image

    For about the past two years, I have been steadily leveraging my YouTube channel

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    How to change your Twitter header image

    Big news today for Twitter users. Twitter profile pages have now been updated

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    Schedule pins on Pinterest

    How to schedule pins on Pinterest [video]

    Pinterest is an extremely powerful social network - provided you use it right.

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