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When submitting a blog topic, please remember the following:

Do your research
Before submitting a topic, please review the content that I have already published. This way we’re not duplicating content.
Be creative
If you find that a topic has already been covered, but you still want to write about it – take a different approach.  For example, if someone has already written a tutorial on how to use a particular social media tool, there’s nothing wrong with being creatie and writing about different ways that you could use that social media tool.
The posts that tend to generate the highest amounts of engagement are ones that are well written and organized.  When you’re writing, please include headers and paragraphs wherever necessary. This helps to streamline your content and makes your easy to read.
Take an evergreen approach when writing
Social Media changes by the minute.  When choosing a topic, make sure it’s not something that is time-sensitive.  While we aim to publish content on a weekly basis, by taking an evergreen approach, you can ensure your content will be as fresh as the day you wrote it.
Attribution for your work
If you are selected as a contributor, you’ll have your own login. This way you can get credit for what you write. Not to mention, you’ll get promoted on my Facebook Page, Twitter and might even get featured in a YouTube video.

If you’re still with me, all I need you to do is fill out this brief form to sign-up to be a contributor. Looking forward to reading your submissions!

Guest Post Submission

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