About Christian Karasiewicz

Christian Karasiewicz is a consultant and public speaker on social media, Internet Marketing and technology. He can often be found glued to his Apple iPhone or offering his time to individuals and business owners to help them develop, create, and put into action, a successful marketing campaign.

With over fourteen years of experience across social media, e-commerce, Internet Marketing, personal branding, affiliate marketing and related technologies, Christian Karasiewicz strives to create meaningful social media campaigns that help businesses connect and engage with their customers and to keep coming back.

Christian has created social media campaigns across a variety of different industries ranging from online retailers and medium to small businesses to individual products, celebrities, musicians, athletes, defense contractors, news organizations, fashion designers and jewelry designers.

If you would like to have Christian Karasiewicz work with your business to help you develop and execute a social media strategy or marketing campaign, please fill out this brief form.

On the Web:

Facebook: /askck
YouTube: /ckarasiewicz
Pinterest: http://bitly.com/pinterestck
Twitter: @ckroks
LinkedIn: in/christiankarasiewicz
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