Facebook Algorithm Change: Stop with the text updates!

Facebook text updates in the news feed

As a Facebook marketer, to be successful, you need an edge over your competitors on Facebook. This way more of your content gets seen in the news feed by fans.

One way to do this was to post Facebook text updates on both Facebook profiles and pages. This was because they were seen more in the news feed.

Facebook even agreed and had this to say about how important text status updates were:

Through testing, we have found that when people see more text status updates on Facebook they write more status updates themselves. In fact, in our initial test when we showed more status updates from friends it led to on average 9 million more status updates written each day. Because of this, we showed people more text status updates in their News Feed.

But when you really stop to think about it, you were not reaching people in the news feed because you were sharing really great content. Instead, you were leveraging a flaw in the news feed algorithm.

And while this seemed like the perfect win-win situation for both Facebook Profiles and Facebook Pages because it allowed your content to reach more people, Facebook took notice and implemented Facebook text update changes for Facebook Pages.

Now before you get mad and cry foul over how Facebook keeps making it difficult for your business to succeed because of all of these changes, consider this.

The constant changes on Facebook are not the issue. 

The main issue is the type of content that you share on your page. I’m not saying that all of the content you share is bad, it is just how you are sharing it.

Changes to Facebook text updates

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