The Definitive guide on using save on Facebook

Have you ever found something you wanted to save on Facebook?

A lot of times when I have items I want to save, I use a combination of Evernote and Skitch.

This allows me to save text updates or if I want to save an entire Facebook post, I can easily take a photo and save the post.

While I love this combination, it doesn’t always work well on mobile devices.

When Facebook announced save on Facebook, a bookmarking tool for Facebook posts, I was eager to give this new feature a try.

Let’s take a look at the new save on Facebook feature and how it works.

What is save on Facebook?

Save on Facebook is a new way to be able to save items you find on Facebook so that you can read and respond to them later on.

This includes items such as links, places, movies, TV and music.

Items that you save on Facebook are only visible to you – unless you share them with friends.

What can you save on Facebook?

For now, these are the types of items you can save.

  • Links
  • Places
  • Music
  • Books
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Events

When you save items on Facebook, you can only save them from  your news feed.

This mean you cannot go to a Facebook Page to save an item.

You also cannot use save on Facebook in add interest lists either.

What cannot be saved on Facebook?

Right now you cannot save the following items on Facebook.

  • Text updates
  • Photos
  • Videos

Save once, view anywhere!

One great thing about save on Facebook is that it works everywhere!

For example, you can save something on your desktop and then view saved items on your mobile device or even your tablet.

This feature also works on iOS and Android devices and the functionality is the same.

This is great news because now you don’t have to come up with a work-around depending on the device you are using to save items you find on Facebook!

Save on Facebook on mobile
To access save on Facebook on a mobile device, look for the saved section.

Now that you know about save on Facebook, how do you use it?

Follow these instructions to learn how to save items from your Facebook news feed.

How to use save on Facebook

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The complete guide to using Facebook Paper

Facebook recently launched a new product called the Facebook Paper app.

Facebook Paper joins a long list of existing apps that let you perform individual Facebook functions on your mobile device.

One thing is certain, Paper is a radical departure from what you are used to using to view your Facebook news feed updates.

What is Facebook Paper?

Paper is a mobile app that let’s you explore news and stories from your Facebook news feed.

What is neat though is that Paper is a cross between the traditional Facebook app and Flipboard, a social news tool.

One thing I really like about the app is the clean look and feel.

It is also very refreshing not to have Facebook Ads to distract you.

Screenshot of the Facebook Paper app
Facebook Paper let’s you view news and stories from Facebook in a refreshing way.

How does Facebook Paper work?

I’ve had a few days to use the Facebook Paper app. Basically, it let’s you setup different sections such as Facebook, Headlines, Tech, Sports, Enterprise, Home, and more. 

With Paper, you can view stories from your news feed or jump to a section to see updates from pages in that category.

While that doesn’t sound much different from using Add Interest lists to sort your news feed, it is because you are viewing updates from your own news feed, but also from pages you may not be connected with on Facebook.

Tech section in Facebook Paper
Example of stories in the tech section of Facebook Paper.

Enough about the look and feel of Facebook Paper, it is awesome! Take an exclusive look into how to use Facebook Paper with this video walk-through.

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How to properly perform a Facebook link share in four steps!

Do you wish your content could get seen more in the Facebook news feed? 

Have you ever considered that you are sharing your content the wrong way?

For example, using a text update instead of a Facebook link share?

With recent changes to Facebook text updates, if you run a Facebook Page and want to have more people see your page posts in their news feed, you will want to use a Facebook link share instead.

Why the Facebook link share matters

Everything you share on Facebook on your Facebook Page is only seen by a select group of fans. This is because you are competing against other items in the news feed.

If you want to beat out your competition (or at least make a better showing), you’ll want to use Facebook link shares.

Not only do link shares take up more space in the news feed, which works to your benefit if you have an eye-catching image, but they have the opportunity to help you sell your content better to fans instead of posting a status update without any sort of visual.

Facebook link share
Here is an example of a Facebook link share.

Creating a Facebook link share is very easy. I’m actually surprised more people don’t use them. To create a Facebook link share, follow these instructions.

How to create a Facebook link share

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Facebook Algorithm Change: Stop with the text updates!

Facebook text updates in the news feed

As a Facebook marketer, to be successful, you need an edge over your competitors on Facebook. This way more of your content gets seen in the news feed by fans.

One way to do this was to post Facebook text updates on both Facebook profiles and pages. This was because they were seen more in the news feed.

Facebook even agreed and had this to say about how important text status updates were:

Through testing, we have found that when people see more text status updates on Facebook they write more status updates themselves. In fact, in our initial test when we showed more status updates from friends it led to on average 9 million more status updates written each day. Because of this, we showed people more text status updates in their News Feed.

But when you really stop to think about it, you were not reaching people in the news feed because you were sharing really great content. Instead, you were leveraging a flaw in the news feed algorithm.

And while this seemed like the perfect win-win situation for both Facebook Profiles and Facebook Pages because it allowed your content to reach more people, Facebook took notice and implemented Facebook text update changes for Facebook Pages.

Now before you get mad and cry foul over how Facebook keeps making it difficult for your business to succeed because of all of these changes, consider this.

The constant changes on Facebook are not the issue. 

The main issue is the type of content that you share on your page. I’m not saying that all of the content you share is bad, it is just how you are sharing it.

Changes to Facebook text updates

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22 Facebook keyboard shortcuts to help you work faster on Facebook

Facebook keyboard shortcuts - Pinterest
Do you waste a lot of time on Facebook just clicking around on your Facebook news feed?

Maybe you like a lot of posts in the news feed.

Or you like to comment or share a status update.

Instead of clicking on each update and sharing it, you can use Facebook keyboard shortcuts to help speed up the process.

This article is going to teach you 22 Facebook keyboard shortcuts to help save time when using Facebook.

22 Facebook keyboard shortcuts

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What are Facebook Gifts

Today, Facebook announced another addition to their social networking site – Facebook Gifts. Now, instead of giving virtual gifts, you can give real gifts for real moments.

With this new feature tied in to Facebook Timeline, now whenever someone celebrates a milestone, a birth or a birthday, you’ll be ready to send them a gift – without leaving Facebook.

What I like about Facebook Gifts

One thing that I am looking forward to with Facebook Gifts is the ability to create a seamless social shopping environment.  Now, instead of having to go to different websites to do my online shopping or forgetting about a birthday, milestone or anniversary, I can now send Facebook gifts two ways – from the status update area or under the birthdays and Life Events section on the Facebook news feed.

From the looks of things, sending a Facebook Gift is very seamless too – with a few nice features thrown in.

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