How to use save on Facebook

The Definitive guide on using save on Facebook

Have you ever found something you wanted to save on Facebook?

A lot of times when I have items I want to save, I use a combination of Evernote and Skitch.

This allows me to save text updates or if I want to save an entire Facebook post, I can easily take a photo and save the post.

While I love this combination, it doesn’t always work well on mobile devices.

When Facebook announced save on Facebook, a bookmarking tool for Facebook posts, I was eager to give this new feature a try.

Let’s take a look at the new save on Facebook feature and how it works.

What is save on Facebook?

Save on Facebook is a new way to be able to save items you find on Facebook so that you can read and respond to them later on.

This includes items such as links, places, movies, TV and music.

Items that you save on Facebook are only visible to you – unless you share them with friends.

What can you save on Facebook?

For now, these are the types of items you can save.

  • Links
  • Places
  • Music
  • Books
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Events

When you save items on Facebook, you can only save them from  your news feed.

This mean you cannot go to a Facebook Page to save an item.

You also cannot use save on Facebook in add interest lists either.

What cannot be saved on Facebook?

Right now you cannot save the following items on Facebook.

  • Text updates
  • Photos
  • Videos

Save once, view anywhere!

One great thing about save on Facebook is that it works everywhere!

For example, you can save something on your desktop and then view saved items on your mobile device or even your tablet.

This feature also works on iOS and Android devices and the functionality is the same.

This is great news because now you don’t have to come up with a work-around depending on the device you are using to save items you find on Facebook!

Save on Facebook on mobile
To access save on Facebook on a mobile device, look for the saved section.

Now that you know about save on Facebook, how do you use it?

Follow these instructions to learn how to save items from your Facebook news feed.

How to use save on Facebook

Step 1: Locate a post to save

Step 2: Hover over a post and click the dropdown arrow next to a post you want to save

Example of save on Facebook

Step 3: Click save

Remember, there are restrictions on what you can save on Facebook so you may not see a lot of posts in your news feed that you can save.

If you still have questions on using “save on Facebook,” here is a short video showing you how it works on mobile.

Where are my saved items stored?

Once you use the save on Facebook feature, these items get stored under the “saved” section located under apps.

This is next to your news feed.

Saved on Facebook

Items saved on Facebook
View and share items you save on Facebook

Sorting items you save on Facebook

After you save items from your news feed, you can access them from the “saved” menu.

Along the top you will see a breakdown of the types of items you have saved.

You can quickly access other categories by clicking on them.

Sharing saved items

One other thing you will notice under saved items is that you can also share them.

Share saved items on Facebook
Share items you save on Facebook

Archive items you save on Facebook

One other neat feature is that you can archive items you save. This way you don’t have to go looking for them later on when you need them.

To do this, hover over a saved item and click the X.

Items you archive will appear in the archive section at the top.

If you want to unarchive an item, click the … button under the archive section and select unarchive.

How to delete items from the saved section on Facebook

If you want to delete an item you save on Facebook here’s how.

On a desktop:

Archive the item and then go to the archives section.

There, click the … button and select delete.

Delete items saved on Facebook
Click the … button under archives to delete a saved item.

On mobile:

Archive the item.

Go to the archives section.

Swipe left to right – click delete.

Reminding you about saved items

Just in case you forget to check items you save on Facebook, they will remind you from time to time.

This will show up in your news feed as links you saved.

Save on Facebook reminders
Facebook will occasionally remind you about saved items

Optimizing your content for save on Facebook

Because you cannot save text updates or photos, you will want to think about this when you are going to make a new post on Facebook.

If you want to make your items easy to save on Facebook, be sure to post them as a link post since text, photos and videos cannot be saved.

This way as more people use save on Facebook, your content will remain top-of-mind.

Over to you

Do you have the save on Facebook feature yet?

If you don’t, I recommend trying to save something on your mobile device and then checking your desktop to see if you get  the save on Facebook feature.

Question: Before “save on Facebook,” how were you saving items you wanted to read later? Leave a comment below and tell me what tools you were using.