20+ Ways to Use Apple Watch for Social Media to Get More Done!

Do you spend a lot of time pulling out your iPhone to check your social media channels?

Maybe you’re managing social media for clients or constantly checking your own channels for new updates.

We’re all guilty of that.

The bottomline is that social media can be time-consuming and interrupt our focus if we let it.

This can lead to a loss in productivity and if you’re a business owner, lost revenue.

What if you could improve the time you spend on social media each day?

For example, spend 60 minutes a day instead of getting lost for hours in your newsfeed?

In this article I’ll show you some ways you can use Apple Watch for social media.

This way you can begin to improve your productivity and accomplish more in your business.

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Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use Apple Watch for social media.

This way you can stay on-top of conversations, capitalize on new content ideas, and get more done on your social media channels!

20+ Ways to Use Apple Watch for Social Media

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3 CEOs share their best alternative to using a Facebook like-gate

Facebook recently announced they were banning the use of like-gating on Facebook Pages starting November 5, 2014.

This was a shock for a lot of businesses that have a Facebook Page because it meant they needed to make changes to their Facebook marketing strategy and find new ways to get people to like their Facebook Page.

While this affected businesses that manage a Facebook Page, how did it affect companies that specialize in tools to help you create Facebook landing pages?

I put together a list of alternatives to using a like-gate to attract new likes on your Facebook Page.

But I wanted to hear from the companies that create Facebook landing page tools to find out what changes they would make to help attract new likes or fans to their Facebook Pages.

To help you understand their approach to like-gating on Facebook, I gathered three of the top companies and asked them what they would do differently now that you won’t be allowed to use like-gating on Facebook landing pages.

Moving away from like-gating

While the announcement that like-gating was dead may come as a bit of a shock to businesses, this didn’t come as a surprise to many of the landing page companies.

Many of them were already moving beyond just offering tools to create Facebook landing pages.

For example, Shortstack recently launched a new campaign builder to help you go beyond just creating landing pages on Facebook.

They now allow you to build campaigns to use anywhere that can help you grow your fanbase.

Why like-gating isn’t a big deal

Earlier this year, Facebook launched a redesign of Facebook Pages.

When this initially launched, Facebook landing pages were initially removed from the new redesign and re-added later.

This was a clear indicator that Facebook might be making further changes to landing pages.

Couple that with the fact that Facebook has been making subtle changes such as removing the ability to set a default landing page over the past few years and you can clearly see that like-gating was bound to go away sooner or later.

So what are the CEO’s who create social media tools to help you create Facebook landing pages, contests, and promotions doing instead of using a like-gate? Let’s find out.

3 CEO’s share their best Facebook like-gate advice

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How Feedly can help create a better Facebook news feed organizer

[Update: As of June 23, 2015 Facebook has deprecated its RSS service. For the time being, there is no available RSS feed from Facebook. If anything changes, I’ll be sure to update this blog post with any new developments.]

Do you find yourself missing updates in your Facebook news feed?

Instead of a limited view, how would you like to organize your news feed and have convenient sharing options for other social networks?

Did you know you can create a Facebook news feed organizer using Feedly to help organize your news feed better.

An unorganized news feed

One of the biggest complaints about using Facebook is that you don’t always see all of the updates from friends or Facebook Pages you like.

How many times have you missed out on a conversation on Facebook because you didn’t see it until a few days later?

This can make using Facebook unreliable not to mention frustrating.

While it isn’t a perfect system, there are steps you can take to organize your news feed.

Organizing Facebook using add interest lists

One of the easiest ways to organize your news feed is to use Facebook add interest lists.

This let’s you create customized lists for friends and pages.

Here is an example of add interest lists on a mobile device.

Facebook add interest lists - mobile
Organize your Facebook news feed using add interest lists

While I’m a fan of add interest lists because you can combine profiles and pages and share them publicly, you can’t combine them with other websites you read.

This means you have to manage two different sites to see updates.

Tools to help create a Facebook news feed organizer

Some of my favorite tools for organizing my Facebook news feed used to be Google Reader and Hyper Alerts.

Unfortunately, Google Reader shut down and so did Hyper Alerts.

This meant I needed to find alternative tools to organize my news feed better.

I wrote about some alternatives.

Out of these alternatives, one of the tools I find myself using the most is Feedly.

Here are some of the things Feedly does well:

  • Create a Facebook news feed organizer
  • Pull in content from your favorite websites
  • Feedly for iOS and Android
  • Make it easy to share with other services like Evernote, Pocket, HootsuiteBuffer and more

Today I’m going to show you how you can use your Facebook RSS feed to organize your Facebook news feed with Feedly.

How to organize your Facebook news feed using Feedly

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The Definitive guide on using save on Facebook

Have you ever found something you wanted to save on Facebook?

A lot of times when I have items I want to save, I use a combination of Evernote and Skitch.

This allows me to save text updates or if I want to save an entire Facebook post, I can easily take a photo and save the post.

While I love this combination, it doesn’t always work well on mobile devices.

When Facebook announced save on Facebook, a bookmarking tool for Facebook posts, I was eager to give this new feature a try.

Let’s take a look at the new save on Facebook feature and how it works.

What is save on Facebook?

Save on Facebook is a new way to be able to save items you find on Facebook so that you can read and respond to them later on.

This includes items such as links, places, movies, TV and music.

Items that you save on Facebook are only visible to you – unless you share them with friends.

What can you save on Facebook?

For now, these are the types of items you can save.

  • Links
  • Places
  • Music
  • Books
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Events

When you save items on Facebook, you can only save them from  your news feed.

This mean you cannot go to a Facebook Page to save an item.

You also cannot use save on Facebook in add interest lists either.

What cannot be saved on Facebook?

Right now you cannot save the following items on Facebook.

  • Text updates
  • Photos
  • Videos

Save once, view anywhere!

One great thing about save on Facebook is that it works everywhere!

For example, you can save something on your desktop and then view saved items on your mobile device or even your tablet.

This feature also works on iOS and Android devices and the functionality is the same.

This is great news because now you don’t have to come up with a work-around depending on the device you are using to save items you find on Facebook!

Save on Facebook on mobile
To access save on Facebook on a mobile device, look for the saved section.

Now that you know about save on Facebook, how do you use it?

Follow these instructions to learn how to save items from your Facebook news feed.

How to use save on Facebook

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3 Hyper Alerts alternatives to keep tabs on your Facebook Pages

Do you wish you could get better Facebook notifications?

What if that tool could also notify you about Facebook posts from competitors? How about tweets as well?

Today I am going to teach you about three Hyper Alerts alternatives.

These social media tools can help you see notifications from Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts.

What I love about Hyper Alerts

For those of you who read my blog, I’ve written quite a lot about my love for Hyper Alerts here and here.

Because Facebook notifications are not always reliable, you could spend a lot of time going back to Facebook Pages you manage to see if you missed anything throughout the day.

Where Hyper Alerts really helped, you could be notified by email when new updates were made to your pages.

This could be sent each time a new notification was made to a page or you could choose to receive one email per day or one per week.

This way you don’t miss updates on Facebook.

Watching competitors with Hyper Alerts

Besides being able to see notifications about your own pages as well as tweets you sent.

Hyper Alerts can also help businesses in other ways.

  • See what your competitors are doing
  • Identify new content to share
  • Identify gaps in your social media strategy

Why look for Hyper Alerts alternatives?

While Hyper Alerts sounds like an amazing tool, they recently announced they were shutting down. Bummer!

Hyper Alerts alternatives
Hyper Alerts announced that they would be shutting down.

While they also mentioned they would be making Hyper Alerts open source, not everyone has the time or skill to build their own social media tool.

A lot of community managers want something they can use out of the box.

Hyperalerts was one of those tools.

Because of this change, I spent some time looking for Hyper Alerts alternatives and put together a list for you.

3 Hyper Alerts alternatives

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5 Hashtag tracking tools to help track and measure social media performance

How many of you are use hashtag tracking tools to help you identify and plan out your social media campaigns?

Recently, I was giving a presentation on how to leverage hashtags and spent a lot of time answering questions from people wanting to know if there were social media tools to help identify which hashtags they needed to include.

In this article, I am going to cover five hashtag tracking tools you can use to find the right hashtags to use with your social media campaigns.

What are hashtags?

For those of you new to hashtags, hashtags are a way to group conversations together.

For example, I conveniently use the hashtag #AskCK to make it easier for users on Twitter to ask me questions.

This also makes it easier for me to track the conversation by simply clicking on the hashtag.

Hashtags are also very useful when you want to insert your information into other larger conversations.

An example of this is using the hashtag #BizTips when sharing updates that are business related or using #Socialmedia when sharing content that is social media related.

Benefits of using hashtags

As I mentioned, by including hashtags in your discussions, it makes it easier for people to follow the discussion that is taking place.

For example, many events create their own hashtag so that attendees can see who is saying what at an event.

If they did not include hashtags, it would be difficult to follow all of the conversations taking place.

The same holds true when trying to measure how effective your social media campaigns were.

Imagine having to go through thousands of conversations. By including a hashtag, you can quickly filter the conversations to only show conversations using a specific hashtag.

This way you can quickly see the conversations and measure your performance.

5 Hashtag tracking tools

Now that you are aware of what hashtags are, how do you identify which hashtags you should be using in your social media campaigns?

Fortunately, there are a number of hashtag tracking tools you can use to help identify, analyze, and measure the effectiveness of a social media campaign.

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The complete guide to using Facebook Paper

Facebook recently launched a new product called the Facebook Paper app.

Facebook Paper joins a long list of existing apps that let you perform individual Facebook functions on your mobile device.

One thing is certain, Paper is a radical departure from what you are used to using to view your Facebook news feed updates.

What is Facebook Paper?

Paper is a mobile app that let’s you explore news and stories from your Facebook news feed.

What is neat though is that Paper is a cross between the traditional Facebook app and Flipboard, a social news tool.

One thing I really like about the app is the clean look and feel.

It is also very refreshing not to have Facebook Ads to distract you.

Screenshot of the Facebook Paper app
Facebook Paper let’s you view news and stories from Facebook in a refreshing way.

How does Facebook Paper work?

I’ve had a few days to use the Facebook Paper app. Basically, it let’s you setup different sections such as Facebook, Headlines, Tech, Sports, Enterprise, Home, and more. 

With Paper, you can view stories from your news feed or jump to a section to see updates from pages in that category.

While that doesn’t sound much different from using Add Interest lists to sort your news feed, it is because you are viewing updates from your own news feed, but also from pages you may not be connected with on Facebook.

Tech section in Facebook Paper
Example of stories in the tech section of Facebook Paper.

Enough about the look and feel of Facebook Paper, it is awesome! Take an exclusive look into how to use Facebook Paper with this video walk-through.

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Cleaning up Facebook status updates with Dirtymouth

Do you have a dirty mouth on Facebook? If you’re not sure if your content might be considered offensive, you should try Dirtymouth.

What is Dirtymouth?

Dirtymouth for Facebook

Dirtymouth is a free social media tool for Facebook users that can analyze status updates and comments on your Facebook Profile and tell you if it considers it to be offensive.

Does it clean-up our status updates? Here’s a review of Dirtymouth on our Facebook Profile. Let’s see if it worked.

Review of Dirtymouth for Facebook

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5 reasons the new Facebook Insights Still Suck

The only thing worse than having nothing is having nothing when you THINK you have something.

This is how you might end up feeling if you “believe all the hype” about the new Facebook Insights that was just re-released last month.

While it is a legitimate design upgrade and it is substantially better than the previous version in terms of functionality, styling, navigation, speed, etc., which is good and deserves due credit, it is still seriously lacking where it matters most and here’s why:

5 Reasons the new Facebook Insights suck

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Improving communication with Facebook Voice Messages

Did you know, you can send voice messages to friends using a feature called Facebook voice messages.

While Facebook voice messages was announced back in January, it’s a feature a lot of people overlook – probably because they don’t know it exists.

What are Facebook voice messages?

Facebook voice messages are another way for you to communicate with friends on Facebook.

Voice messages let you record a message and send them to a friend.

There are plenty of times when you would want to send a Facebook voice message instead of typing out a message.

Here are a few examples of how you can use Facebook voice messages.

  • Send a birthday message
  • Congratulate a friend on a new job promotion
  • Send a message to a loved one
  • Send a congratulatory message to a new business owner
  • And more…
Facebook voice messages

Screenshot of Facebook voice messages on an iPhone.

Learn how to send Facebook voice messages using the following instructions.

How to send Facebook Voice Messages

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