Improving communication with Facebook Voice Messages

Did you know, you can send voice messages to friends using a feature called Facebook voice messages.

While Facebook voice messages was announced back in January, it’s a feature a lot of people overlook – probably because they don’t know it exists.

What are Facebook voice messages?

Facebook voice messages are another way for you to communicate with friends on Facebook.

Voice messages let you record a message and send them to a friend.

There are plenty of times when you would want to send a Facebook voice message instead of typing out a message.

Here are a few examples of how you can use Facebook voice messages.

  • Send a birthday message
  • Congratulate a friend on a new job promotion
  • Send a message to a loved one
  • Send a congratulatory message to a new business owner
  • And more…
Facebook voice messages

Screenshot of Facebook voice messages on an iPhone.

Learn how to send Facebook voice messages using the following instructions.

How to send Facebook Voice Messages

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Vine focus tool – putting the subject into focus

Vine focus tool
If you want to shoot good Vine videos, you want to use the Vine focus tool.

Like the Vine ghost tool, the Vine focus tool was designed to help make it possible for anyone with a smartphone to shoot good quality Vine videos.

What does the Vine focus tool do?

The focus tool is a way for Vine users to select which points in their video they want to focus on. This can be used to create a narrow or shallow depth of field to give videos an artistic style or you can use the focus tool to improve the lighting in your videos.

Using the Vine focus tools is fairly easy to do. You’ll just want to make sure you use it in the correct order. Otherwise when you think you’re focusing in your Vine video, you may be just shooting your Vine video.

To use the Vine focus tool, follow the instructions listed below or watch the Vine focus tool video tutorial.

How to use the Vine focus tool

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App of the day: PressReader

PressReader newspaper app for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod TouchA lot of people who use tablets and smartphones often say that they’re only good for one thing – playing games.  For the past few months, I’ve been using my devices for reading – not books, or articles from the Internet, but newspapers thanks to an app called PressReader.

What is really neat about PressReader is that you can carry your favorite newspaper subscriptions with you in one convenient app. For example, I can download some of my favorites – USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, New York Post and The Washington Post (among others) and take them with me without carrying a huge stack of newspapers.

So what else can PressReader do besides let me read newspapers?

What I like about this app:

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3 ways to recover a lost smartphone or tablet

In the next few days, the roads and stores will be extremely crowded.  In fact, AAA is expecting crowded roads this Thanksgiving and retailers are expecting Black Friday sales to increase 4.1 percent.  Some stores such as Sears, Target and even Wal-mart are even panning to open on Black Friday Eve to capitalize on sales opportunities.

If you’re one of the brave who plans to venture out over the holidays, it’s a wise move to take precautionary measures to protect your smartphone or tablet in case it gets lost during all of the hustle and bustle. Sure, you can store it in your pocketbook or keep it in your jacket pocket, but what do you do when those items get lost or stolen and you end up without your beloved gadget?

Protect your smartphone from getting lost with duct tape


Sure, you can go out and purchase another one, but that’s no fun. Not to mention, it puts a damper on the holidays. Instead, try these 3 ways to recover a lost smartphone or tablet.

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App of the day: Kaspersky Mobile Security

Protect your Google Android smartphone with the Kaspersky Mobile Security appWith smartphone theft on the rise, it might be time to consider investing in mobile security. No, you don’t have to hire a bodyguard or put your smartphone under lock and key. There’s actually a convenient way to provide security for your smartphone anytime called Kaspersky Mobile Security.

While most users who have had their smartphones stolen simply go out and purchase another one and spend time setting up a new device, remember, not only are you losing time when you setup a new device, but in most cases, your smartphone is your lifeline where you’ve stored lots of important data such as contacts, emails, browsing history, photos, and more – which you could completely lose.

By taking the time to protect your smartphone by adding a mobile security system to it, not only will it help you reclaim some of the time you would spend on setting up a new device, but it can also protect you in more ways than one.

What I like about this app:

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5 ways to use Instagram for business

5 way to use Instagram for your business5 ways to use Instagram for business. Most people think of Instagram as a quick and convenient way to take photos of their friends, family and vacations. While it is great for pleasure, you can also use Instagram for business as well.

In fact, not only does it serve as a great way to take quick photos, but you can also customize the look of your photos using various filters and tilt-shift blur (adding a blur to the background while keeping a single point on the photo sharp).

So now that you’re aware of what Instagram can do, how can you use Instagram for business and what are some of the benefits of using Instagram for business?

5 ways to use Instagram for business

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Apps & Updates: Lemon, Scanner Pro, Instaframe Pro and more

App Store updatesBelow are a few noteworthy apps for your smartphone (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Google Android, Windows phone) that I wanted to highlight. Some of these are available exclusively for your Apple iPhone/iPad, while others are available across all platforms (Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows).

So glad to be able to share my favorite mobile apps to help you simplify areas of you life.

This week’s notable apps:

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App of the day: KLIK facial recognition

KLIK facial recognition social media appToday, launched version 1.0 of their new facial recognition app. for the Apple iPhone.  After spending just a few minutes with this new app, I can tell you I came away extremely impressed. So what does it do?

The KLIK facial recognition app let’s you take photos using your iPhone’s camera, but with a catch. Not only does it let you take photos, but it also has the ability to identify friends’ faces from  their Facebook photos and to tag them. In addition, the KLIK facial recognition app also pays homage to Instagram by letting you add “face filter” photo filters – try saying that one three times!

What I like about this app:
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App of the day: Google Goggles

Google Goggles logoToday’s app of the day doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it’s from a company we know very very well – Google. They have come up with an app for both Android and iOS users called Google Goggles, that let’s you use your voice to search the web! Now I know what you’re thinking, that’s it? Nope.

Google Goggles, in addition to offering voice search, this app also let’s you take a photo of something and it will search the web for that item – I know, it’s mind-blowing how it works!

For those of you who need to see this in action, I’ve included a short video below along with my thoughts on this app below.

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