Vine focus tool

Vine focus tool – putting the subject into focus

Vine focus tool
If you want to shoot good Vine videos, you want to use the Vine focus tool.

Like the Vine ghost tool, the Vine focus tool was designed to help make it possible for anyone with a smartphone to shoot good quality Vine videos.

What does the Vine focus tool do?

The focus tool is a way for Vine users to select which points in their video they want to focus on. This can be used to create a narrow or shallow depth of field to give videos an artistic style or you can use the focus tool to improve the lighting in your videos.

Using the Vine focus tools is fairly easy to do. You’ll just want to make sure you use it in the correct order. Otherwise when you think you’re focusing in your Vine video, you may be just shooting your Vine video.

To use the Vine focus tool, follow the instructions listed below or watch the Vine focus tool video tutorial.

How to use the Vine focus tool

YouTube Preview Image

1. Launch the Vine mobile app
2. Click on the camera icon
3. Tap the Vine focus tool in the lower part of your screen
4. Tap on your screen to focus your Vine video
5. To exit the Vine focus tool, tap the focus tool again
6. Tap the screen to record your Vine video

Note: if you need to use the Vine focus tool again, repeat steps 4 through 6 until you are finished with your Vine video.

Common questions about the Vine focus tool

Can I use the Vine focus tool with the Vine ghost tool?

Yes. You can combine the focus tool with the Vine ghost tool. You can even use the grid icon as well in your Vine videos to help you shoot better videos.

If I make a mistake using the Vine focus tool, can I undo my mistake?

At the moment, no. Unfortunately, Vine does not offer the ability to step backwards through your Vine videos – so make sure you have a script before you begin shooting and know how the Vine focus tool works.

Focusing in on the Vine focus tool

The Vine focus tool can make it easy for users to shoot great Vine videos. Remember, you’ll want to have a script before you begin shooting. This way you’ll know how you want the video to turn out.

Besides improving your depth of field or improving the lighting in your Vine videos, what other do you see yourself using the Vine focus tool for? Let me know by leaving a comment below.