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App of the day: KLIK facial recognition

KLIK facial recognition social media appToday, launched version 1.0 of their new facial recognition app. for the Apple iPhone.  After spending just a few minutes with this new app, I can tell you I came away extremely impressed. So what does it do?

The KLIK facial recognition app let’s you take photos using your iPhone’s camera, but with a catch. Not only does it let you take photos, but it also has the ability to identify friends’ faces from  their Facebook photos and to tag them. In addition, the KLIK facial recognition app also pays homage to Instagram by letting you add “face filter” photo filters – try saying that one three times!

What I like about this app:
While I haven’t had but a few hours to use it, I love how accurate it is. Case in point – not only did I have it scan my face – it was 94% accurate, but I was also able to hold a magazine up and to have it scan one of my friends who was on the cover – it recognized her with striking accuracy.

How does it work?

With KLIK facial recognition app, you simply launch the app, connect your Facebook account, and then begin taking photos. KLIK facial recognition app will try to match the people in the photos to your Facebook friends. If it doesn’t recognize your friend, you can go into learning mode, where it scans that persons face and compares it to your list of Facebook friends for you to select from. If it doesn’t find that person, you can select them from a list.  Once you have selected the people in the photo, the KLIK facial recognition app will tag your photos – helping you save precious time.

One thing to note, if you take a photo of someone and they are on Facebook; however, you are not friends with them, KLIK will not tag them.

Once you have taken a photo, remember, you can customize it with the included “face filters” and of course, share them with your friends on other social networks.

For those of  you who want to see KLIK in action, here’s a brief video.


YouTube Preview Image

Where to get the app:

KLIK facial recognition app is available for iPhone and iPad users. I expect there to be an Android compatible app sometime in the near future.

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