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Putting the work into social media

I spend a lot of time meeting with individuals who are looking to put into practice a solid, result-producing social media strategy. The first question I always ask is if they’re ready to work. Most of the time, I get a lukewarm response, because they think that just because they join a social network and post a few updates, they’ll begin to see results like extreme growth after just a few days. That’s not the case.

If you want to see any sort of results, you should know this:

Just like getting yourself in shape and shedding the extra 10 lbs you gained over the holidays, social media requires putting in work too. Just like getting in shape, there is no “magic bullet”, no shortcut, that will cause you to become a social media success story overnight. It takes dedication.

Now I know what you’re thinking – I don’t have time for this. Consider this.

If I wanted to train to run a marathon, I wouldn’t begin by running the full 26 miles. Not only would I not make it, but I would also hurt myself and risk not even being able to run the marathon. Instead, I would start out slow, running a few miles to build up my stamina and then gradually increase the length of my runs to the point that I am capable of running the full 26 miles.

In social media, this same principle holds true too. Instead of joining every social network, I would spend time on just a few (1 or 2 should do) and get myself in the habit of posting a few updates and using the tools. As I get more comfortable, then gradually increase how many updates I post to where I feel socially fit.

By putting in work, over time, you’ll begin to see results with your social media efforts. The key thing to remember is that once you start, you need to keep going, even if it is only small amounts at a time. When you stop, you lose the work you’ve already put in and have to start again.

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