5 places to network

Name tag from networking eventYour business is up and running. You have a few regular customers. And your business is setup on a host of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. But business is growing – rather slowly.

In this situation, what do you do? 

The answer is simple – network! Not only is networking (online and offline) a great way to meet new and interesting people, but there are lots of places to network.  In fact, you have lots of opportunities to network each and every day, we just overlook them.

If you’re not seeing the results you would like with your business, you can’t just sit there – you need to look for places to network. 

5 places to network

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Putting the work into social media

I spend a lot of time meeting with individuals who are looking to put into practice a solid, result-producing social media strategy. The first question I always ask is if they’re ready to work. Most of the time, I get a lukewarm response, because they think that just because they join a social network and post a few updates, they’ll begin to see results like extreme growth after just a few days. That’s not the case.

If you want to see any sort of results, you should know this:

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Your favorite 5

Last pick on teamQuick, grab a piece of paper, don’t give this any thought, and write down the names of five people.

So what do these five people you’ve just selected represent?  No, they aren’t your starting five on your first basketball team.  In fact, they’re a lot more valuable than that…  Now that you have selected five people, take a moment and look at how successful they are in their own lives – we’re not talking about money here.

Do they have a good family life, are they in good shape, how is their attitude, are they influencers or inhibitors in your personal life? Chance are, you’ll come to find out that the people you just named are people who are influential in your life in one way or another (your favorite five). Some might influence you financially, because you aspire to be where they are at. Others might be deeply rooted in family. Others might be holding you back from reaching your personal goals.

What’s the point?

Just as these five people influence your life in-person, these same principles hold true online as well on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc.

Who you spend your time with impacts your own life – whether it is having a physical conversation with them or commenting and liking their status update on Facebook.

Now that you know more about your favorite five, take a moment and think about the five people you listed. Are these people influencers or inhibitors? There’s nothing wrong with adding or removing from your favorite five. In fact, to be successful, I suggest surrounding yourself with people that will have a positive influence on  your life – this can be someone who brightens your day or that somebody who really irritates you because they seem to have it all, yet they challenge you to get better.

You’re a Celebrity – no really!

Walk-of-fame star in Los Angeles, California

As I was out in Los Angeles the other day, I’ll admit, it was pretty hard not to notice all of the stars’ names on the ground. Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Kobe Bryant and even the great Thomas Edison. For most people, you probably think that reaching their level is unattainable. One thing that we often forget though is that each and every one of those people started somewhere else. Sure, some people were in the right place at the right time, but that shouldn’t deter you. In fact, you may not realize it, but you’re actually already a celebrity yourself.

Already a celebrity, how can that possibly be?

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How to win your audience with a good handshake


Your job interview has gone great…and then it happens, you shake hands. For the inexperienced hand-shaker, this can make or break your chance to leave a lasting impression.

So where do you start? In today’s society, we live in a hands-off mode. No handshake, a simple acknowledgment like “wassup”, “hey,” even “good afternoon” will do. But really, it won’t.

So why is a handshake so important? The handshake is a universal greeting. A way to come across as being open. Think about it.

Would you want to do business with someone who approached you with crossed arms? Doubtful. How about with someone who is extending their hand to you?

It is a very different situation. Think of a handshake as a disarming tactic. Instead of being nervous, extending your hand makes you come across as being likable and in the process, can help put your business associate at ease.

So now that you know why a handshake is so important, here are 4 steps to a good handshake

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