Pay to Send Out of Network Facebook Messages – Is It Worth It?

Pay to send a Facebook Message to a user

Back in December, Facebook was testing out a new feature that would let you pay to send out of network Facebook Messages. For most users, they thought paying to send Facebook Messages was a hoax.

Over the weekend, I was going to send a Facebook Message to a user who was outside of my network and was immediately prompted with the following message. If I wanted to send a Facebook message to someone outside of my network, I would need to pay.  Seriously? Yes, you may have to pay to send a Facebook Message to someone outside of your network.

For those of you who don’t know about paying to send out of network Facebook Messages, here’s how they work.

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5 places to network

Name tag from networking eventYour business is up and running. You have a few regular customers. And your business is setup on a host of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. But business is growing – rather slowly.

In this situation, what do you do? 

The answer is simple – network! Not only is networking (online and offline) a great way to meet new and interesting people, but there are lots of places to network.  In fact, you have lots of opportunities to network each and every day, we just overlook them.

If you’re not seeing the results you would like with your business, you can’t just sit there – you need to look for places to network. 

5 places to network

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You’re a Celebrity – no really!

Walk-of-fame star in Los Angeles, California

As I was out in Los Angeles the other day, I’ll admit, it was pretty hard not to notice all of the stars’ names on the ground. Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Kobe Bryant and even the great Thomas Edison. For most people, you probably think that reaching their level is unattainable. One thing that we often forget though is that each and every one of those people started somewhere else. Sure, some people were in the right place at the right time, but that shouldn’t deter you. In fact, you may not realize it, but you’re actually already a celebrity yourself.

Already a celebrity, how can that possibly be?

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