5 places to network

Name tag from networking eventYour business is up and running. You have a few regular customers. And your business is setup on a host of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. But business is growing – rather slowly.

In this situation, what do you do? 

The answer is simple – network! Not only is networking (online and offline) a great way to meet new and interesting people, but there are lots of places to network.  In fact, you have lots of opportunities to network each and every day, we just overlook them.

If you’re not seeing the results you would like with your business, you can’t just sit there – you need to look for places to network. 

5 places to network

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No One Cares What You Had For Lunch

Just the other day, I was cleaning off my bookshelf to make room for some new books when I came across a fun little book that I had tucked away called No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog. While this book may seem a little dated because everyone is blogging now, it really isn’t because while this book focuses on different ideas that you can use on your blog, it also focuses on the importance of getting topics of conversation out in the open and not just in your head.

Case in point, when consulting with other businesses, I often overhear clients talking about how no one cares about what they have to say. On the contrary, that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, for some reason, we’re afraid to talk about something because we have a fear of ruffling a few feathers. What eventually happens is that we keep our thoughts and ideas bottled up and don’t put them to use.

While talking about controversial topics can get some people upset, don’t let it because blogging can be a great outlet. In fact, here are a few things that this book can teach you about yourself:

  • How to swallow your pride
  • Being defensive – and sticking up for  yourself and your ideas
  • Finding like minds

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How to create a Google Plus badge in 4 easy steps

While Facebook has been the dominant social network for the past couple of years, a challenger has entered the ring by way of Google+. While most sites have dared to go toe-to-toe with the behemoth that is Facebook, Google+ hasn’t shied away. In fact, in Google’s recent earnings call, they cited 90 million subscribers – a substantial number, considering they haven’t been around but for just a few months, Google has also been really good at listening to their subscribers for new features.

Today we’re going to show you how you can capitalize on Google+’s growth by adding a Google Plus badge to your website in 4 easy steps.

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5 reasons why your blog or website needs a Facebook Like button

Facebook like button

At one point or another, you’ve probably clicked a Facebook Like button. They’re not only everywhere, but they’re also a very powerful tool for promoting content and can greatly help broaden your reach. Here are 5 reasons why your blog or website needs a Facebook Like button.

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How to expose your business through an email signature

Probably a simple tip, but a very effective one at that. If you are serious about exposing any of the following:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Facebook profile
  • Twitter profile
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Facebook business page
  • Photographs you have on Flickr
  • Etc…

Consider creating an email signature with links to these accounts. This way while you’re getting traffic to your sites, making connections through your content; you’re also connecting with the people you correspond with through email.

Need to learn how to insert your signature in a specific program like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, your Twitter background? Connect with me and I’ll be glad to help you out.

How to create a successful multi-author blog for your business

Wordpress multi-author blog

One of the biggest challenges that most businesses face is how to keep readers interested and coming back for more. In the typical business setup, it is very linear. One person does one job, another person does another and so on. While this may work for certain jobs, eventually, your business begins to get stale and workers begin to get tired of the same tasks over and over.

Rather than find more “work” to keep them busy, why not put them to use by having them share something interesting about your business – what does your business do, are there any tips you can share with your customers through your employees, such as how they can connect with you through your social media channels. How about even have them provide insight into certain products or services that you may offer.

Not only will this make work more fun, but your business can also benefit tremendously from the added exposure. I know what you’re thinking thoughI don’t want my employees wasting time writing, I want them doing their jobs!

In a sense, they are. They’re also helping you open the door to people that may know your business, but don’t know your full line of products. Take a look at successful sites like EngadgetMashable and 9to5Mac who have seen success with having a multi-author blog. Not only do they produce content at a high-rate, they’re also able to get their jobs done and have fun doing it! Not to mention, the more quality content you product, the more it helps spread the word. Pretty soon, you’ll become the go-to place for your product or service.

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