Bigger business isn’t necessarily better business

For one reason or another, we’re pre-programmed to fear big businesses. As a result, we don’t try, we don’t compete, and we simply just give up. Why is that?

Years ago, being a big business was absolutely required if you wanted to be successful. That’s not the case though anymore. In fact, you don’t need to be Walmart, Google or even to be successful.  Instead, you can be (more) successful as a small business – just look at Instagram.

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How to create a successful multi-author blog for your business

Wordpress multi-author blog

One of the biggest challenges that most businesses face is how to keep readers interested and coming back for more. In the typical business setup, it is very linear. One person does one job, another person does another and so on. While this may work for certain jobs, eventually, your business begins to get stale and workers begin to get tired of the same tasks over and over.

Rather than find more “work” to keep them busy, why not put them to use by having them share something interesting about your business – what does your business do, are there any tips you can share with your customers through your employees, such as how they can connect with you through your social media channels. How about even have them provide insight into certain products or services that you may offer.

Not only will this make work more fun, but your business can also benefit tremendously from the added exposure. I know what you’re thinking thoughI don’t want my employees wasting time writing, I want them doing their jobs!

In a sense, they are. They’re also helping you open the door to people that may know your business, but don’t know your full line of products. Take a look at successful sites like EngadgetMashable and 9to5Mac who have seen success with having a multi-author blog. Not only do they produce content at a high-rate, they’re also able to get their jobs done and have fun doing it! Not to mention, the more quality content you product, the more it helps spread the word. Pretty soon, you’ll become the go-to place for your product or service.

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