Facebook like button

5 reasons why your blog or website needs a Facebook Like button

Facebook like button

At one point or another, you’ve probably clicked a Facebook Like button. They’re not only everywhere, but they’re also a very powerful tool for promoting content and can greatly help broaden your reach. Here are 5 reasons why your blog or website needs a Facebook Like button.

What can a Facebook Like button do for your site?

  1. Tell others about your blog or website
    • Like buttons aren’t just for linking to your Facebook page. In fact, they can be added to just about anything. I strongly suggest creating one primarily for your blog or website. Because the like button creates stickiness (and it’s pretty darn simple to use) – just click and you’ve shared something, not only does it tell visitors you’re up on the latest technology, but it encourages them to like it too because you put it out there. Think of the signs that say “wet paint, don’t touch” – we’re all inclined to touch it, just so we can see if it is wet. Everyone’s curious – capitalize on it!
  2. Encourage users to share a blog post or product
    • Don’t trust your readers or customers to send out the right links to your products or blog posts. In fact, make it foolproof – by adding a like button to individual blog posts and products. Not only will this show-up on a users Facebook newsfeed (for their friends to see and share too), but the Facebook like button also includes product or article images along with a customizable title and description straight from YOUR website.
  3. Let other’s know about a video you enjoyed
    • If you or your business has a YouTube channel and you embed YouTube videos on your website often, you’re on the right track! By embedding videos from YouTube within your content, not only are you getting traffic to  your content, but you’re also providing readers who may not have known about a video, the opportunity to watch it. The benefit here is that you’re providing readers with engaging content and supplementing it with a related video which can help drive home your point. And if you’ve included a like button like in item 2, you’re encouraging readers to not only read your content and watch your video, but also to share it!
  4. Promote your Facebook presence
    • This one’s pretty straightforward. Be sure that somewhere on your website, you include a Facebook Like button which links to your Facebook Page. I typically like to add this to the header of my website. This way it’s always accessible from every single web page. Why is this important? The Facebook Like button has a great feature that shows readers which of their friends have already liked your Facebook Page. If you think about it – we do a lot of the same things our friends do. This social plugin helps you accomplish two things; you’re doing a service to readers by showing them which of their friends already like your page and you’re including a mechanism (a way) for them to connect too.
  5. Improving your position on a Facebook newsfeed
    • A lot of people don’t realize it, but everytime you share content on Facebook, it does not always get seen by your friends. This is because Facebook uses an algorithm (formula), to calculate who you interact with most often and shows you their content in your newsfeed as opposed to other users content. So how can I be seen more? To get more eyes on your content, encourage readers to like your website or blog content more often. Not only will this help get more likes on your content – and more likes leads to other readers clicking like too (so they can be a part of the content too). This will also help you improve your position within the Facebook newsfeed.

Give these 5 reasons why your blog or website needs a Facebook like button a try. I’ve included instructions on learning how to install the Facebook Like button on your website or blog. Should you need additional help, don’t hesitate to contact me.