When life gives you lemons

Hopefully you’ve had a great week so far. For those of you who haven’t, don’t worry, it will get better – I promise! For some people, when the balancing act, called life, throws us a curveball, we get all our of whack. We can’t sleep, eat or function for that matter, and we feel the pressure in our social groups – because we want to fit in, so we keep things bottled up inside. This isn’t actually a good thing, nor is it healthy. In fact, why do we do these sorts of things anyway? We’re scared, that’s why – we want everything to go our way and when it doesn’t, we get all out of sync and forget how to function.  When times like these happen though, I say don’t let them affect you – instead, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Sure, you may have lost your job, missed out on a promotion or had a bad day overall, but that really shouldn’t stop you, nor should the feeling that your friends might give you a hard time about your misfortunes.  In fact, it should make you angry to the point that you want to do something about it because life goes on whether you choose to do something or not. If you stay mired in your current situation and let others (the company that just fired you, your friends), you’re only going to make things worse because you’re expending so much energy on the things that went wrong, not realizing that there’s another side to the coin – the things you can change. Here are just a few examples

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How to win your audience with a good handshake


Your job interview has gone great…and then it happens, you shake hands. For the inexperienced hand-shaker, this can make or break your chance to leave a lasting impression.

So where do you start? In today’s society, we live in a hands-off mode. No handshake, a simple acknowledgment like “wassup”, “hey,” even “good afternoon” will do. But really, it won’t.

So why is a handshake so important? The handshake is a universal greeting. A way to come across as being open. Think about it.

Would you want to do business with someone who approached you with crossed arms? Doubtful. How about with someone who is extending their hand to you?

It is a very different situation. Think of a handshake as a disarming tactic. Instead of being nervous, extending your hand makes you come across as being likable and in the process, can help put your business associate at ease.

So now that you know why a handshake is so important, here are 4 steps to a good handshake

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