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App of the day: Kaspersky Mobile Security

Protect your Google Android smartphone with the Kaspersky Mobile Security appWith smartphone theft on the rise, it might be time to consider investing in mobile security. No, you don’t have to hire a bodyguard or put your smartphone under lock and key. There’s actually a convenient way to provide security for your smartphone anytime called Kaspersky Mobile Security.

While most users who have had their smartphones stolen simply go out and purchase another one and spend time setting up a new device, remember, not only are you losing time when you setup a new device, but in most cases, your smartphone is your lifeline where you’ve stored lots of important data such as contacts, emails, browsing history, photos, and more – which you could completely lose.

By taking the time to protect your smartphone by adding a mobile security system to it, not only will it help you reclaim some of the time you would spend on setting up a new device, but it can also protect you in more ways than one.

What I like about this app:

One of my favorite things about this app isn’t just that it can deliver real-time protection from viruses and spam. In addition, there are some really helpful mobile security features which I have listed below.

Kaspersky Mobile Security Featuers:

  • Protect your smartphone from viruses and malware
  • Find your phone – even if your SIM card was replaced
  • Schedule regular scans on your apps for malware
  • Filter unwanted calls or SMS texts
  • If your phone is stolen, take a photo of the thieves

Protect your smartphone data with the Kaspersky Mobile Security app for Google Android

Mugging for the camera

In addition to all of the security features, I wanted to highlight one which I think is extremely valuable – the ability to take a photo from your smartphone – when it has been stolen.

How this works is that your Google Android smartphone (with Kaspersky Mobile Security installed) will secretly take photos without the theif knowing they’re being taken.  Once photos are taken you can access them through a web-based control center or have been emailed to an address that you set up. This app is also helpful for those times when you’ve lost your phone and don’t know where it is. You can have Kaspersky Mobile Security take a photo and send it to you to help you locate your smartphone.
Overall, I love the idea of having added security in case my smartphone is ever stolen.  While it costs $19.95, Kaspersky Mobile Security seems like a great tool to not think twice about having on your Google Android smartphone.  If the paid version of Kaspersky Mobile Security is too much, there’s also a free version, that’s missing a few features such as taking a photo.




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