Downloadable Pinterest dimensions infographic

[Download] Pinterest Infographic

Pinterest dimensions - Infographic

For those of you who are just getting started with Pinterest, it is important to know the proper dimensions.  This way you are producing quality images or videos and can maximize your opportunities to have your pinned images repinned by others.

To help you out, I’ve put together this¬†Pinterest Dimensions infographic – complete with all of the proper sizes and tidbits of information you need to know to be effective on Pinterest.

Pinterest dimensions

  • Profile photo: 160 x 160 px, resized to 49 x 49 px
  • Minimum pinned image size: 80 x 80 px
  • Maximum pinned image width: 554 px
  • Maximum length of pin descriptions: 500 px

Remember, while it is important to know the proper dimensions for images on Pinterest, don’t pin too much or in clumps – we’re talking 5-10 pins at a time. This could be a turn-off to other users if all they see are your pins so pin in moderation.

Know someone who could benefit from knowing Pinterest Dimensions? I’ve included a downloadable infographic on Pinterest dimensions¬† for you to share.

Download your Pinterest Dimensions infographic