Facebook link thumbnail image dimensions [Template]

With Facebook releasing new Facebook link thumbnail image dimensions, it’s time to learn how to update your images within your blog post or website. This way whenever someone shares your links on Facebook, the images look great within the Facebook news feed. To do that, we have created a free Facebook link thumbnail image dimensions template for you to use.

This collection of templates is available for the desktop, mobile, and sidebar images on Facebook.

To use these templates, you can download the recommended template. This requires having larger images to work with.

If you don’t have larger images, we recommend using the mobile template so that your images are optimized for Facebook.

By using this Facebook link thumbnail image template, you can quickly create images that scale perfectly across Facebook.

To use the Facebook link thumbnail image dimensions template, just follow these instructions.

Facebook link thumbnail image dimensions

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12 Do’s & Don’ts of Facebook for business [ebook]

Everyone knows about using Facebook to stay connected with friend and family. But what about using Facebook for business?

When you compare the two – Facebook for personal use and Facebook for business, you’ll notice that the former is very basic. You add someone as a friend, share your precious memories with them, and get people to like, comment, and share your posts.

So how does this differ from Facebook for business?

Facebook for business vs Facebook for personal use

While people using Facebook for personal use care about engaging with their friends and family, it’s not earth-shattering if a post someone makes doesn’t get a lot of engagement. It’s about the fact that you shared something and the people in your network were able to experience it too – even thought they were not necessarily there.

When you move into using Facebook for business, the game changes and you’re not concerned about just sharing content. You’re concerned with the following:

  • Sharing quality, business-related content
  • Reach
  • Engagement (likes, comments, shares)
  • Effectiveness

So what is so important about each of these items when using Facebook for business?

Sharing quality content

As I mentioned, when you share content on your personal account, you don’t necessarily care if people liked it or not. As a business using Facebook, you cannot have this same mentality.

When using Facebook for business, you have to be more selective about what you choose to share because you’re sharing it with people who are customers and who have the power to influence the buying decisions of their friends by recommending your business to them.

For instance, while you can share all of the Internet memes and unrelated content that doesn’t relate to your business on your Facebook Page, sharing this type of content can have drastic effects on your business.

Here are a few things that can happen when sharing inferior content on your Facebook Page

  • Lose sight of business goals, which should be:
    • Raise product awareness
    • Sell products
    • Drive fans to your blog or website
  • Confuse customers who support your business
  • Negative word of mouth from customers


Reach is an important metric for businesses on Facebook, but it is not the primary metric.

The purpose of reach is to show you that your content is being seen. It does not mean that you’re successful with using Facebook for business though.

With reach, this just means that people are seeing your content. This is a good indicator that you’re putting out the right kind of content for your business on Facebook if you have a high reach.

Once you have reach, the next thing your business should focus on is engagement.


Engagement means that people interacting with your content – through likes, shares, and comments. The more engagement, the more your content gets passed around, the higher your reach.


One of the challenges that most businesses have with using Facebook for business is determining the effectiveness of their social media efforts.

A lot of businesses focus on the wrong indicators such as reach and posting unrelated content.

For example, anyone can post a quote or funny photo on their Facebook Page and get a high level of engagement, which will also boost their overall reach in the process.

While this seems like it is effective, it is not. It is creating a false sense of effectiveness when using Facebook for business.

What steps can you take to be effective at using Facebook for business?

Instead of focusing on posting items that will boost reach and engagement because it’s fun content (quotes, memes, etc) – this is often considered cheap content and something you want to avoid. Instead, what you want to do is post quality content – that’s related to your business that in-turn is engaging for fans and customers.

There are lots of ways to come up with content. For example, ShortStack created a cover photo that was also a game. The game was engaging and the answers were related to their business.

To help you learn the ropes of using Facebook for business, we’ve compiled a free ebook filled with helpful tips for your business.

Remember, using Facebook for business isn’t that challenging. When we focus on the end goals and stay on-course, it’s actually really easy.

Download it, read it, and send me a tweet to tell me what you liked about it.

12 Do’s & Don’ts of Facebook for business

12 Do's and Don'ts of Facebook for business

YouTube Channel Art Template [free download]

YouTube channel art template

YouTube recently updated the design and layout of your YouTube channel. One of the new features that was added is called YouTube channel art. As you can see from the above image, YouTube channel art is a way for you to customize your YouTube channel and make it more inviting to subscribers.  If you’re a business, YouTube channel art is a great way to market and promote your business.  If you’re not a business, you can use YouTube channel art to create a custom look for your YouTube channel and to showcase what your YouTube channel offers.  To help you out, I’ve created a downloadable YouTube channel art template (PSD) for you to use.

Download Free YouTube channel art template:

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5 last-minute ways to boost online shopping sales this holiday season

So you’re not exactly the best planner when it comes to social media. Everything is just off-the-cuff or when you get around to doing it.  Although the clock is ticking on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, there’s still time for you to leverage your network of friends, fans and followers this holiday season to help boost your online sales.

Instead of throwing in the towel on holiday shopping and missing out on online sales for your business, I’ve put together a collection of 5 last-minute ways you can give your online shopping sales a boost.

What’s great is that these are items you can start implementing today or even tomorrow (after you’ve had your fill of Turkey and stuffing).

Remember, if you have trouble implementing any of these items, don’t hesitate to contact me for help.

Let’s get started with 5 last-minute ways you can give your online store a boost in website traffic and online sales this holiday season.

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[Download] FREE YouTube Thumbnail Template

 Custom YouTube thumbnail template

One of my favorite features for customizing your YouTube channel is with a YouTube thumbnail image.  Not only are YouTube custom thumbnails a great way to make your videos look more eye-catching to viewers, but they’re also great at generating leads from viewers from other videos which can help you not only gain more views and subscribers for your own channel, but most importantly, fill your funnel with potential customers and new leads. To help you customize your YouTube videos, I’ve created a YouTube thumbnail template for you to use.

What can I do with this YouTube thumbnail template?

This YouTube thumbnail template isn’t just for creating images for current videos. If you have older videos that you’ve uploaded to your YouTube channel, make sure you go back and create a YouTube thumbnail image for them as well.

Most likely, they are ranking very well and you can continue to capitalize off of this by adding a more visual image to make your videos stand-out to others.

How to use the YouTube thumbnail template:

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36 power tips for Pinterest users

With just under 10.4 million users in June 2012, Pinterest became the fastest growing social network ever, growing at a rate of 400% month-over-month. That’s pretty staggering, considering Pinterest hasn’t been around that long.

Couple that with the fact that Pinterest is a significant driver of traffic to websites, just behind Google, and you have a powerful social network along with a tremendous opportunity to leverage for your business.

Pinterest is the 5th largest referral site of traffic for one particular e-commerce site,  just behind Google, their affiliate program, and their newsletter

Below are just a few of things I love about Pinterest.

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[Download] Twitter Infographic

Infographic - Twitter dimensions

Twitter has been really busy the past few weeks – not only did they add Twitter header images to improve the look of your Twitter profile, but they also added a rich iPad experience. So far, I’ve had the opportunity to work with both and I’m excited about the possibilities that they provide users.  Not only do these updates make Twitter even more powerful, but they vastly improve upon the user experience.

What’s great is that now, not only can personalize your Twitter account, but because they have revamped the iPad and iPhone experience, your design now carries across each, meaning it’s important to have an updated Twitter header image. In addition, this change will help take the focus off of showing just your tweets and encourage followers to get to know you better.

To help you out, I’ve put together a Twitter Dimensions infographic – complete with all of the new sizes and information you need to know on the new Twitter.

Twitter dimensions

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[Download] Pinterest Infographic

Pinterest dimensions - Infographic

For those of you who are just getting started with Pinterest, it is important to know the proper dimensions.  This way you are producing quality images or videos and can maximize your opportunities to have your pinned images repinned by others.

To help you out, I’ve put together this Pinterest Dimensions infographic – complete with all of the proper sizes and tidbits of information you need to know to be effective on Pinterest.

Pinterest dimensions

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How to create a custom YouTube thumbnail image

For about the past two years, I have been steadily leveraging my YouTube channel to engage more with viewers and to broaden the reach of my videos. During this time, I’ve been keeping an eye on a number of changes that YouTube has been making – some of those incude the ability to create a custom YouTube background and the ability to monetize your YouTube videos.

While these are great features that can help you better personalize your YouTube channel and bring in a little money for your hard work, one of my favorite features that they added is the ability to set a custom YouTube thumbnail image.

Upload a custom YouTube thumbnail image for your video

Selecting a specific YouTube thumbnail image

Previously, if you wanted to choose a specific shot from your video to be used as a thumbnail, it could be done if you were a skilled video editor and followed these complicated instructions. For most YouTube users though, this was just too difficult to do and frankly, not worth your time. Enter custom YouTube thumbnail images!

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[Download] FREE YouTube Background Image Template

Download Free YouTube background template
One of my favorite ways to engage with fans via social media is through my YouTube channel. Not only is YouTube the #2 search engine, but it’s also a great tool to promote and grow your online presence.  For example, if you’re someone who creates a lot of videos about your products, YouTube is a great place to upload and store your content because not only are your videos available for people searching YouTube or Google, but they can also be embedded on websites or shared via your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

While uploading your video content to YouTube is a must for anyone who wants to use video to engage better with their audience, one area that often gets overlooked when growing your online presence through YouTube is your YouTube background image.

Although your YouTube background image is a static image that subscribers cannot click, it gives you the opportunity to get creative. For example, you can brand your YouTube channel – simply by changing the colors. This space can also be used to let YouTube subscribers know that you’re also on other social networks or that you have a website.

Customize your YouTube background image

Creating a YouTube background image:

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