Download Free YouTube background template

[Download] FREE YouTube Background Image Template

Download Free YouTube background template
One of my favorite ways to engage with fans via social media is through my YouTube channel. Not only is YouTube the #2 search engine, but it’s also a great tool to promote and grow your online presence.  For example, if you’re someone who creates a lot of videos about your products, YouTube is a great place to upload and store your content because not only are your videos available for people searching YouTube or Google, but they can also be embedded on websites or shared via your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

While uploading your video content to YouTube is a must for anyone who wants to use video to engage better with their audience, one area that often gets overlooked when growing your online presence through YouTube is your YouTube background image.

Although your YouTube background image is a static image that subscribers cannot click, it gives you the opportunity to get creative. For example, you can brand your YouTube channel – simply by changing the colors. This space can also be used to let YouTube subscribers know that you’re also on other social networks or that you have a website.

Customize your YouTube background image

Creating a YouTube background image:

Creating your very own YouTube background image can be challenging, but we’re here to make it super easy. To help you out, I’ve created a downloadable YouTube background image template (PSD).


  1. Download the free YouTube background image template
  2. Open the file in Adobe Photoshop or GIMP (a FREE alternative)
  3. Create your image
  4. Save your image as a PNG, JPG or GIF
  5. Next, login to your YouTube account
  6. To change your background image, click on your photo in the top-right corner. Select My channel
  7. Select Channel Settings
  8. Upload your background image and click save

Download FREE YouTube background image template.

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