The State of Social Media in 2012

2012 was a HUGE year for social media – especially for mobile.  Twitter revamped their mobile app, Facebook followed suit and overhauled Facebook for iOS (which was sorely needed). Then, not to be outdone, Pinterest launched business pages for Pinterest, which allowed businesses to create their own accounts that didn’t require a complex way to squeeze your business into the first name and last name fields (finally).

Besides mobile, 2012 was also big for investors as well, as Facebook went public – and who can forget about Facebook Timeline, which also launched in 2012 – I know, it’s hard to remember all the way back to January 2012.

So what else happened with social media in 2012? Take a look at this infographic on everything that happened in social media in 2012.

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5 Reasons Why Your Facebook Page Sucks

5 reasons why your Facebook Page sucks

At the urging of your friends, you created a Facebook Page for your business, but around one year later, the party is over, your Facebook Page is hanging on by a thread, and you’re still stuck with a low number of likes and very little engagement from your Facebook Page fans.

If you’re like most businesses stuck in this situation, you’re quick to point fingers that Facebook simply doesn’t work.  Actually, it does.

The problem isn’t Facebook – it’s your business that’s the problem.

Now before you get mad, I’m not saying that you have products that are necessarily bad. Chances are you have really great products that provide a solution to customers.  What’s missing though is that you have bad Facebook Marketing for your business.  That’s why your Facebook Page sucks.

Here’s what you most likely did for your Facebook Marketing.

  • You looked at other major brands in your field to see what they were doing (good)
  • You copied them (bad)
  • You read articles that gave stock examples from major brands (good)
  • You copied them again (bad)
Hopefully you’re seeing a pattern here – while there’s nothing wrong with using major brands like Starbucks as a guide for your own Facebook Page marketing, you have to remember, you’re not Starbucks or Coca-Cola or any other major major brand so don’t expect to amass millions of fans overnight. Building a social media strategy takes time.  So why does my Facebook Page suck?
5 reasons why your Facebook Page sucks:

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[Download] Pinterest Infographic

Pinterest dimensions - Infographic

For those of you who are just getting started with Pinterest, it is important to know the proper dimensions.  This way you are producing quality images or videos and can maximize your opportunities to have your pinned images repinned by others.

To help you out, I’ve put together this Pinterest Dimensions infographic – complete with all of the proper sizes and tidbits of information you need to know to be effective on Pinterest.

Pinterest dimensions

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What are Facebook Gifts

Today, Facebook announced another addition to their social networking site – Facebook Gifts. Now, instead of giving virtual gifts, you can give real gifts for real moments.

With this new feature tied in to Facebook Timeline, now whenever someone celebrates a milestone, a birth or a birthday, you’ll be ready to send them a gift – without leaving Facebook.

What I like about Facebook Gifts

One thing that I am looking forward to with Facebook Gifts is the ability to create a seamless social shopping environment.  Now, instead of having to go to different websites to do my online shopping or forgetting about a birthday, milestone or anniversary, I can now send Facebook gifts two ways – from the status update area or under the birthdays and Life Events section on the Facebook news feed.

From the looks of things, sending a Facebook Gift is very seamless too – with a few nice features thrown in.

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3 New Facebook Page Features

It has been quite a busy month for Facebook. Not only did they launched the most-anticipated IPO ever, but Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, got married, and they happened to launch a slew of new features for Facebook Page owners – they’re 3 must-have features too!

Let’s dig into 3 new Facebook Page features that were just released that will help take your Facebook Page to the next level.


3 Facebook Page Features
Promote a post on Facebook Pages
Promote a post on Facebook Pages
Percentage of engaged Facebook Page fans
Percentage of engaged Facebook Page fans
Switch Facebook Page regions
Switch Facebook Page regions

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Facebook Dimensions for Facebook Pages [Infographic]

Facebook dimensions - 2012

In 2012, Facebook introduced Timeline – a revamped look for Facebook profiles and Facebook pages. With the introduction of Facebook Timeline, Facebook dimensions changed.  In addition, this gave page owners a lot of new sizing options like Facebook milestones, Facebook highlighted posts, and the Facebook timeline cover photo.

What this means is that in addition to having to learn new Facebook dimensions, you now have a number of different types of dimensions to choose from when deciding how you want to post your Facebook content.

To help you out, I put together this Facebook dimensions infographic for Facebook Pages. This infographic contains all of the sizes and dimensions that you need for your Facebook Pages to present your content to fans.

Facebook dimensions

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