2012 Facebook Timeline Dimensions

Facebook Dimensions for Facebook Pages [Infographic]

Facebook dimensions - 2012

In 2012, Facebook introduced Timeline – a revamped look for Facebook profiles and Facebook pages. With the introduction of Facebook Timeline, Facebook dimensions changed.  In addition, this gave page owners a lot of new sizing options like Facebook milestones, Facebook highlighted posts, and the Facebook timeline cover photo.

What this means is that in addition to having to learn new Facebook dimensions, you now have a number of different types of dimensions to choose from when deciding how you want to post your Facebook content.

To help you out, I put together this Facebook dimensions infographic for Facebook Pages. This infographic contains all of the sizes and dimensions that you need for your Facebook Pages to present your content to fans.

Facebook dimensions

Infographic on 2012 Facebook Page dimensions

Benefits of the new Facebook dimensions

One thing to know about Facebook dimensions, they’re not just a chart to use to size your images.  Yes, they can help make your content look good to fans, images won’t look squished anymore.  These new dimensions that I’ve listed below though are also a vital part of your overall Facebook marketing strategy. If you don’t have a Facebook marketing strategy yet, you should consider creating one because all of these new Facebook dimensions now give you many more ways to showcase your content on your Facebook Page.

For instance, instead of just choosing to upload a photo as a regular Facebook photo, you may want to consider trying a highlighted photo instead because it helps display your photo better.  This could also mean a boost in engagement with fans because instead of seeing part of a photo like before, fans can get a much better view of it now.

So before uploading a photo, consider these Facebook dimensions.

  • Facebook Timeline cover photo (851 x 315)
  • Facebook profile (180 x 180)
  • Facebook photos (403 x 403)
  • Facebook landing pages (810 x infinite)
  • Facebook milestones (843 x 403)
  • Facebook highlighted post (843 x 403)
  • Facebook app icons (111 x 74)

If you would like to keep this infographic handy for when you’re updating your Facebook Page, I’ve created a PDF which you can download.

Download the Facebook dimensions infographic

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