5 free facebook landing page creation tools

5 FREE Facebook landing page creation tools

With the new Facebook Pages launching in just a few weeks, is your Facebook Page ready? For those of you who need a quick rundown on the new features, be sure to check out my YouTube playlist where I have put together detailed videos covering each new Facebook Page feature. One feature that I’m sure a number of you are going to be interested in are custom landing pages.  Although Facebook has done away with the ability to set a dedicated landing page for non-fans to land on, Facebook Page users will be happy to know that landing pages have increased in size. Previously, landing pages were just 510 px. Now, they have increased significantly to 810 px. This means lots more real estate to engage with fans!

For those of you who don’t want to spend time learning how to write HTML code or designing graphics, here are 5 FREE Facebook landing page creation tools to help you build better landing pages to connect with current fans and to engage with new ones.


Involver let’s you add basic applications – such as a Twitter app to display your pages latest tweets, but the pièce de résistance is the FREE static HTML app. Yes, it does require knowing some HTML, but it’s great for those of you who want to add a little customization to your Facebook Landing Pages.

Note:  for those of you who want more business oriented applications, they also offer additional plans for a small fee – check out other Involver plans

FREE Facebook landing page creation tool, Involver


Lots of options for Facebook Page owners – along with the ability to add popular widgets through a simple drag and drop interface.  FREE for pages with less than 100 fans, just $9 per month for Facebook pages with more than 100 fans. A great price for easy page creation!

FREE Facebook landing page creation tool, Shortstack

Wildfire iFrames

Wildfire iFrames is a great tool for adding custom HTML landing pages to your Facebook Pages.  It’s FREE for now (they’ll also grandfather you in once they start charging), so hurry up and add this one to your Facebook Page.

FREE Facebook landing page creation tool, Wildfire


Tabsite is another great FREE tool for creating Facebook landing pages. Their FREE version givs you one tab. If you want to incude an email form, such as MailChimp, it will cost you, but it’s fairly cheap, considering all of the functionality you can add (quickly).

FREE Facebook landing page creation tool, ShortStack


What sets Pagemodo apart from the others is that you can select one of their templates and customize the template with your own content. The FREE plan gives you one tab. For just $6.25 per month, you can upgrade to three tabs and so on. Should you need additional tabs, check out the different Pagemodo plans that they offer.

FREE Facebook landing page creation tool, Pagemodo

Out of the five FREE options, I like Pagemodo and Shortstack because of their convenience and customizability. Have you tried any other apps that I left off? Share your thoughts in the comments below.