How to get more likes on Facebook [infographic]

How to get more likes on Facebook

When you talk about how to get more likes on Facebook, people often think you’re strictly talking about getting people to like your Facebook Page. There’s actually another type of like that’s more important to Facebook users. This is getting people to like your content that you post on Facebook.

Why should I try to get more likes on Facebook?

As I mentioned, it is more important to get people to like your content than to like your Facebook Page.

This is because when people like your Facebook Page, this only gets them to the door. It doesn’t get them to enter and to begin participating (engaging) with you.

When you get someone to begin liking your content on Facebook, this means that you have taken an even bigger step and you have their attention (if only briefly).

The good thing is that when you get more likes on Facebook content, not only have you helped out that user by providing something they found valuable (they liked your content, right?), but they’ve also told their friends, and also told you what kind of content that you posted that they find valuable

This can do a number of things.

For instance, when someone likes a piece of content, you just took the first step to building a more meaningful and long-term relationship with that user.

Additionally, they have told you what kinds of content they find interesting. This provides extremely valuable data on what types of posts you should be making on Facebook. You also now have the opportunity to grow that relationship with those users because you know what they want. All that’s left to do is post it!

So what types of Facebook posts should you consider making? Here are a few that are guaranteed to help you get more likes on Facebook:

  • Posting photos receives 53% more likes
  • Posting photos receives 104% more comments
  • Posting photos receives 84% more click-throughs
  • Posting 1-2 times per day gets higher engagement than posting 3+ times per day

So what other ways can you get more likes on Facebook? This infographic covers the ones I mentioned along with a number of others that can help you get more likes on Facebook content and improve your relationships with your audience.

How can I get more likes on Facebook?

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5 Reasons Why Your Facebook Page Sucks

5 reasons why your Facebook Page sucks

At the urging of your friends, you created a Facebook Page for your business, but around one year later, the party is over, your Facebook Page is hanging on by a thread, and you’re still stuck with a low number of likes and very little engagement from your Facebook Page fans.

If you’re like most businesses stuck in this situation, you’re quick to point fingers that Facebook simply doesn’t work.  Actually, it does.

The problem isn’t Facebook – it’s your business that’s the problem.

Now before you get mad, I’m not saying that you have products that are necessarily bad. Chances are you have really great products that provide a solution to customers.  What’s missing though is that you have bad Facebook Marketing for your business.  That’s why your Facebook Page sucks.

Here’s what you most likely did for your Facebook Marketing.

  • You looked at other major brands in your field to see what they were doing (good)
  • You copied them (bad)
  • You read articles that gave stock examples from major brands (good)
  • You copied them again (bad)
Hopefully you’re seeing a pattern here – while there’s nothing wrong with using major brands like Starbucks as a guide for your own Facebook Page marketing, you have to remember, you’re not Starbucks or Coca-Cola or any other major major brand so don’t expect to amass millions of fans overnight. Building a social media strategy takes time.  So why does my Facebook Page suck?
5 reasons why your Facebook Page sucks:

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Facebook Help – Master Resource List [Bookmark]

Facebook Help

Over the years, I’ve been compiling a master list of helpful Facebook resources.  Below is a list of important links to know and bookmark anytime you need Facebook help.

This list of Facebook Help resources covers everything from Facebook Profiles, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Events, Facebook mobile, Facebook Ads, along with a few interesting links for reporting abusive content and more.

Be sure to bookmark this blog post so that you have all of these forms accessible.

Facebook help – Master resource list

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The importance of having a photo on your social networking accounts

Let’s face it – or not face it. Social networking is hear to stay and we better be ready to start adopting it.  It’s practically everywhere. It influences our buying habits based on what our friends have recommended. It offers us discounts for checking into stores like Banana Republic, Macy’s and H&M to name a few.  We even receive free food and discounts at some restaurants (more obviously to follow) just for liking a businesses Facebook page.

With so many businesses beginning to up their online social media game, don’t you think it’s time you upped your game too?  The first place you can start is with your profile picture.  Did you know, your profile picture is a vital part of connecting with others.

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