The one Facebook privacy setting you need to check

Are you concerned that you might not have the right privacy settings marked when posting a status update on Facebook? Learn how to quickly check your Facebook privacy settings using the Facebook view as tool.

While it is very easy to use the Facebook view as tool, for one reason or another, we forget to use it.

By not using it, this can put us into an embarrassing situation if someone we didn’t intend to share our updates with see’s them. For example, if you didn’t intend to share that holiday party photo with your co-workers.

To use the view as tool to see what someone can and cannot view on your Facebook profile, follow these instructions.

How to use the Facebook view as tool

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Social media stats on posting too much information

Whether you realize it or not, whenever you sign-up for a new social network, you share a lot of valuable, personal information. While you need this to sign-up for most social networks, how much information is too much to share? This collection of social media stats shows you what type of information gets posted to your favorite social networks and what the risks are to posting it online.

Some of the information that people often share on social media sites are their birthday, names of family members, favorite television shows, and more. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, it is when you consider that 63% of users use their birthday to answer a security question (tweet this stat).

To put that into context, if you’re someone who uses your birthday to answer a security question and it is available publicly on your favorite social media sites because you shared it, this could put you at risk.

In addition to sharing your birthday, here are a few more social media stats that you want to be aware of.

Overall, there is a lot of personal information that you share on social networks that can a security concern.

Take a look at this infographic from Trend Micro that talks about other social media stats that we post on social networks and the risks associated with sharing them.

Social media stats on oversharing

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Photo Privacy Settings & Facebook Groups [video]

Photo privacy settings for Facebook Groups

Lately, I’ve received a lot of questions about Facebook Groups. Most of the questions have centered around photo privacy settings.

For anyone who has a group, you know how difficult it can be to change the privacy settings on your Facebook Group. Now add in photos and Facebook Groups are a mess.

What’s wrong with photo privacy settings for Facebook Groups?

One of the biggest complaints about using Facebook Groups is that it’s difficult to change anything. It’s either on or off, there really is no in-between. 

Changing the privacy settings on Facebook Groups should be pretty easy. Unfortunately, because of the disjointed settings menu, it’s not so easy (that’s presumably why you’re here).

For Facebook Groups, that’s an unfortunate thing because while groups are about collaboration, sometimes a group admin needs to be able to control the privacy settings.

For example, how would like it if you spent time creating a great cover photo for your Facebook Group, only to have another member come along and upload a photo that’s offensive or of poor quality?

If it were my Facebook Group, this could get frustrating after a while.

In addition to being difficult to navigate, the instructions to make any changes aren’t clear. Here’s a screenshot of the current privacy settings – no, those don’t control your photo privacy settings in Facebook Groups.

Privacy settings for Facebook Groups

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10 Facebook Privacy Settings To Know and Bookmark

Facebook Privacy Settings have always been difficult to figure out.  They’re either too complicated to understand, difficult to turn off, turned on automatically for you without your knowledge, or there is not a way to get the level of customization that you want with them.  As a result of the challenging Facebook privacy settings, this can mean that you’re revealing important information to people who are not in your network, which can put you into an unfortunate situation with friends, family, or your employer.

10 Facebook Privacy Settings to change now

To help you get a better understanding of Facebook privacy settings, I’ve compiled a list of Facebook privacy settings you should know and bookmark to help protect yourself when on Facebook. Let’s take a look at the privacy settings.

10 Facebook Privacy Settings and how to protect yourself

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Facebook Help – Master Resource List [Bookmark]

Facebook Help

Over the years, I’ve been compiling a master list of helpful Facebook resources.  Below is a list of important links to know and bookmark anytime you need Facebook help.

This list of Facebook Help resources covers everything from Facebook Profiles, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Events, Facebook mobile, Facebook Ads, along with a few interesting links for reporting abusive content and more.

Be sure to bookmark this blog post so that you have all of these forms accessible.

Facebook help – Master resource list

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