10+ Facebook Groups questions and answers

Are you trying to decide if you should use Facebook Groups or a Facebook Page for your business?

Do  you want to know if you can charge someone to join your Facebook Group without violating Facebook’s terms of service?

These are just some of the questions I get asked about for Facebook Groups.

This article covers some of the common questions and answers about Facebook Groups.

Facebook Groups questions

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Photo Privacy Settings & Facebook Groups [video]

Photo privacy settings for Facebook Groups

Lately, I’ve received a lot of questions about Facebook Groups. Most of the questions have centered around photo privacy settings.

For anyone who has a group, you know how difficult it can be to change the privacy settings on your Facebook Group. Now add in photos and Facebook Groups are a mess.

What’s wrong with photo privacy settings for Facebook Groups?

One of the biggest complaints about using Facebook Groups is that it’s difficult to change anything. It’s either on or off, there really is no in-between. 

Changing the privacy settings on Facebook Groups should be pretty easy. Unfortunately, because of the disjointed settings menu, it’s not so easy (that’s presumably why you’re here).

For Facebook Groups, that’s an unfortunate thing because while groups are about collaboration, sometimes a group admin needs to be able to control the privacy settings.

For example, how would like it if you spent time creating a great cover photo for your Facebook Group, only to have another member come along and upload a photo that’s offensive or of poor quality?

If it were my Facebook Group, this could get frustrating after a while.

In addition to being difficult to navigate, the instructions to make any changes aren’t clear. Here’s a screenshot of the current privacy settings – no, those don’t control your photo privacy settings in Facebook Groups.

Privacy settings for Facebook Groups

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Change your Facebook Group photo cover (video)

For those of you using Facebook Groups, one thing you’ll notice that as you add new members, your Facebook Groups cover photo will begin to show photos of your members – it is essentially creating a collage of your group members.

While this looks great when you have just a few members, as your Facebook Group grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to see the photos. Additionally, a Facebook Group cover photo of your group members might not be very representative of what your group is actually about.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to change your Facebook Group photo cover along with a video.

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