Change Facebook Groups photo covers

Change your Facebook Group photo cover (video)

For those of you using Facebook Groups, one thing you’ll notice that as you add new members, your Facebook Groups cover photo will begin to show photos of your members – it is essentially creating a collage of your group members.

While this looks great when you have just a few members, as your Facebook Group grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to see the photos. Additionally, a Facebook Group cover photo of your group members might not be very representative of what your group is actually about.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to change your Facebook Group photo cover along with a video.

YouTube Preview Image

Instructions on how to change your Facebook Group photo cover

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Go to your Facebook Group
  3. Hover over the large cover photo, select change cover photo
  4. Select Upload a Photo – Facebook Group cover photos should be 800 x 200
  5. Reposition your photo and click save

Instructions on how to change back to your original Facebook Group photo cover

  1. Hover over your cover photo, click change group photo
  2. Select remove photo
  3. If you are prompted to remove photo, click Okay
  4. You should now see your Facebook Group and the original collage of group members
  • Theblade1959

    All of the instructions I’ve read so far online give an option to “Upload Photo” only. Yet on my personal page or my employer’s page, I can choose from my photo albums. Are there different rules for pages and groups? I have photos uploaded to the group’s albums, so there are some there I can choose from.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      Yes, there are different settings for photo albums on Facebook Pages and groups.

  • Extremis

    Might you also know how to change the Cover Photo of a Photo Album on a Facebook GROUP? 🙂 (I can find lots of information about changing them on a FB PAGE and Personal Profile, but not the answer for the GROUP Photo Album Cover)