Facebook Groups questions

10+ Facebook Groups questions and answers

Are you trying to decide if you should use Facebook Groups or a Facebook Page for your business?

Do  you want to know if you can charge someone to join your Facebook Group without violating Facebook’s terms of service?

These are just some of the questions I get asked about for Facebook Groups.

This article covers some of the common questions and answers about Facebook Groups.

Facebook Groups questions

Facebook Groups questions

1. How do I setup a Facebook Group?

To create your own Facebook Group, start here.

When creating a Facebook Group, you may want to look at other groups in your industry to get some ideas on how they are using Facebook Groups.

2. How do I find Facebook Groups I want to join?

One way to find different Facebook Groups you want to join is to type in a topic in the search box.

For example, if you want to find Facebook Groups on social media marketing, enter “groups about social media marketing” of “facebook groups about social media marketing.”

Alternatively, you can use Facebook Graph Search.

Facebook Graph Search for Facebook Groups
Use Facebook Graph Search to locate Facebook Groups to join.

3. Can I charge someone to join a Facebook Group?

One question I get a lot is if you can charge someone to join a Facebook Group.

You’ll often see businesses sell a product on their own website and then give someone access to a Facebook Group.

Another way is to charge someone for access to just the Facebook Group.

I’ve spoken with a few sources at Facebook. At the moment, you’re allowed to charge someone to access a Facebook Group without violating Facebook’s terms of use.

4. Is is possible to control the notifications in a Facebook Group?

Yes. If you are receiving too many notifications from Facebook Groups, you can turn them off for a specific post by clicking the dropdown and selecting ” turn off notifications.”

This won’t stop all notifications. It will turn off notifications for a single thread you are following.

Stop Facebook Group notifications
Disable individual Facebook Group notifications from the dropdown menu.

5. Is a Facebook Group a good tool to use for customer support?

Some businesses use Facebook Groups to handle customer service questions.

This is a great move because it helps control the questions you receive.

Instead of customers email your business, you can setup a Facebook Group that is specifically for handling questions and invite anyone who has purchased your products to join the group.

This can also be very useful if you don’t offer 24/7 support or if you get a lot of the same questions.

You can also setup a dedicated team that is responsible for answering these questions.

Because you used a Facebook Group, employees and customers can help answer questions about your products.

This can also be a great opportunity for businesses to learn more about who their most engaged customers are and to identify brand ambassadors to help the business.

6. How do I search for posts in a Facebook Group?

To search for topics inside a Facebook Group, enter the keywords in the search box.

Facebook Group search
Use the search box in a Facebook Group to locate topics and questions.

If you have trouble locating a post, try entering just a few of the keywords you are looking for.

If you are using a Facebook Group for customer support, encourage customers to search the group first for answers to their questions.

7. Can I block someone from joining a Facebook Group?

While you can’t block someone from joining your Facebook Group, you can control who is approved.

You can do this in the membership approval area.

Facebook Groups membership approval
Choose who joins your Facebook Group from the membership approval area.

8. Do Facebook Group posts show in my news feed?

Yes. Anytime you post to a Facebook Group, your updates will show in the news feed for other group members to see.

They do not show up for people who are not a part of the Facebook Group.

It’s also important to remember that anything that is posted in a Facebook Group that shows up in your news feed cannot be shared outside of the group.

9. Should I create a Facebook Group or a Facebook Page?

It depends on what your goals are. Facebook Pages are public and anything posted to a page can be shared with others.

Facebook Groups can be used in a number of different ways.

  • Handle customer service
  • Work privately with just people who bought your product
  • Provide help for a specific industry

10. How do I close a Facebook Group?

To close a Facebook Group remove all of the other members in the group.

The last step is to remove yourself from the group.

11. Can I access Facebook Groups from my mobile device?

Yes. Facebook launched a free app for Android and iOS to manage and post to Facebook Groups.

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