The importance of having a photo on your social networking accounts

Let’s face it – or not face it. Social networking is hear to stay and we better be ready to start adopting it.  It’s practically everywhere. It influences our buying habits based on what our friends have recommended. It offers us discounts for checking into stores like Banana Republic, Macy’s and H&M to name a few.  We even receive free food and discounts at some restaurants (more obviously to follow) just for liking a businesses Facebook page.

With so many businesses beginning to up their online social media game, don’t you think it’s time you upped your game too?  The first place you can start is with your profile picture.  Did you know, your profile picture is a vital part of connecting with others.

By not including a picture, if someone wanted to find say a Justin Smith, they would need to delve through hundreds of thousands of the same person and then piece together bits and pieces – where they went to school, their hobbies, interests, etc…if that was even included. Why make it a case of playing detective?

A profile picture is that important. It is a time-saver and with so many other things vying for our attention, make it easier for people to find you and connect.

Here are a few myths on whether it is important to smile, go shirtless, display an avatar, your photo. While you may/may not agree (that’s ok), one thing that is for certain is that you should definitely include a photo and cut-out the chance of missing out on making a new connection.

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What has your experience been with including a photo? I prefer a business-casual photo that I would want anyone to see. Do you think illustrations affect someone’s decision to connect with you?

Let me know your thoughts.