The art of publishing social media content

Sure, we can all spout off a couple of blog posts and maybe even a few dozen tweets and some Facebook updates in a days work. Anyone good at writing can do that. So what’s missing? How about when we should be pushing out content so that we’re engaging fans, readers, and followers?

Think about it. If I’m a business, I’m open certain hours so that I can attract a lot of customers and keep my operating costs – you know, lights, heating and air, salaries as low as possible.

This same principle holds true for our Facebook updates, tweets and blog posts.   If you post content at say 9:00am and your audience doesn’t visit until 2:00pm or later, chances are, they will miss out on reading your content you posted because a whole five (5) hours has past.

Note: If you have a Facebook page for your business (, be aware that all page administrators have access to analytics tools that tell you who your fans are and where they are from. You connect the dots…

For more scientific information (don’t think bunsen burners and lab coats), take a moment and check-out this chart on the science of posting social media and consider readjusting your content. Give it a try and report back. Did you get better engagement by changing your posting schedule?

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