Facebook takes friendships to a new level with relationship pages

Facebook Relationship pages

If you’re in a relationship, you’ll definitely want to head on over to the new Facebook Relationship Pages. Yes, that’s right – if you’re in a relationship with anyone, Facebook has updated Friendship Pages to a new type of page called Facebook Relationship Pages, which showcase everything you have in common with a person.

Personally, I can understand where Facebook is going with the new Facebook Relationship Pages. If you’ve taken the time to tell Facebook that you’re in a relationship, why not have a separate page that lets you reminisce and remind you of why you fell in love with your significant other in the first place or let you look back on the good times and the bad times you’ve had with friends.  While you’re at it, I’m sure Facebook is hoping you send them a Facebook Gift.

While there seems to be a lot of upside to Facebook Relationship Pages, some people such as The Telegraph‘s Emma Barnett had this to say about  Facebook Relationship Pages.

“Please take note Facebook executives,” she wrote. “I enjoy being able to share the information I wish and curate in the way I want. I have no desire for your technology teams to help me organize my photos — nor do I wish to have a shared ‘couples’ Facebook profile with my other half on which you automatically curate our relationship.”

So what details do Facebook Relationship Pages share?

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Adding a cover to your Facebook photo albums

Anytime you upload a photo to Facebook, by default, your photo you just uploaded is automatically set as the cover photo for your Facebook photo album. While this is great that they do this automatically, sometimes you just want to choose your own cover photo for your photo album that best represents the group of photos.

Here’s how you can add a cover to your Facebook photo albums on both your Facebook Page as well as your Facebook Profile.

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Time management with Facebook Add Interests lists [video]

Facebook Add Interests Lists
Facebook Add Interests Lists - Facebook Mobile App

One of my favorite (and often most-overlooked) Facebook features are add interests lists. Facebook ‘add interests lists’ are a tool to let you quickly and easily organize your Facebook Newsfeed into individualized lists.

Why organize your Facebook Newsfeed with Add Interests list?

One of the biggest challenges with using Facebook is that after we’ve friended a lot of people and liked a lot of Facebook Pages, eventually our newsfeed becomes too much to mange and we begin to miss updates from some of the Facebook profiles and pages because they’re simply too much content to go through.

With Add Interests Lists, we are able to better separate our Facebook Newsfeed so that we’re able to see relevant updates just by clicking on one of the lists that we’ve created. What I like most about this is that ‘add interests lists’ work when you’re visiting Facebook from your laptop, your tablet and also from the Facebook mobile app.

What can I include in Faebook Add Interests Lists?

The great thing about Add Interests Lists is that you can mix and match Facebook Profiles and Facebook Pages so that you see updates how you want to. For instance, I have a social media resource list which I use for browsing content from my favorite social media channels. I also have one for Final Cut Pro resources as well as one for updates from business partners and one for family among others.

Enough about Facebook Add Interests Lists, how do I create them, how do I access them, how do I order them, how do I subscribe to them? Watch the video below.

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How to promote Facebook posts (video tutorial)

BIG news this week from Facebook. They launched the ability to promote Facebook posts to a much broader audience. What this means is that Facebook Page owners who have more than 400 fan, will see an option at the bottom of their post that says “promote.”

Promote a post on Facebook Pages

So what are promoted posts on Facebook?  Once you post a status update, a link, or photo to your Facebook Timeline and you are not happy with the results you’re getting – such as only reaching just 5% of your Facebook fans, you can pay Facebook a little extra to have your content shown to more fans!

How to use the promote post feature on your Facebook Page (video):

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3 New Facebook Page Features

It has been quite a busy month for Facebook. Not only did they launched the most-anticipated IPO ever, but Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, got married, and they happened to launch a slew of new features for Facebook Page owners – they’re 3 must-have features too!

Let’s dig into 3 new Facebook Page features that were just released that will help take your Facebook Page to the next level.


3 Facebook Page Features
Promote a post on Facebook Pages
Promote a post on Facebook Pages
Percentage of engaged Facebook Page fans
Percentage of engaged Facebook Page fans
Switch Facebook Page regions
Switch Facebook Page regions

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Facebook Page changes in 2012

Another year, another Facebook Page change. Over the past few days, I’ve been producing a series of videos on Facebook Page changes in 2012 that cover the new changes you can expect when all Facebook Pages are switched over to the new layout on March 30, 2012. For those of you who want a quick rundown on what has changed and how to apply these changes, I’ve put together a complete guide below — complete with a downloadable PDF file.

Not only are Facebook Pages getting a facelift in 2012, but I can definitely tell you you’ll really like these new features once you get used to them. They add depth to your Facebook Page, something that was sorely missing from past iterations. In addition, page owners will get a lot of new features that they can use to upsell their content. And by upsell, I don’t just mean products. If you primarily post updates about news, you can highlight some of your best posts, use the pin to top feature – to keep polls at the top of your Facebook Page, and add layers of content by adding in Milestones.

So enough about all of these exciting new changes – take a moment to view the following image, which highlights Facebook Page changes in 2012. There’s a lot there, so I’ve broken them down to make it easier to digest.

2012 Facebook Page changes

New features for Facebook Pages in 2012:

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