How to use promote post on Facebook

How to promote Facebook posts (video tutorial)

BIG news this week from Facebook. They launched the ability to promote Facebook posts to a much broader audience. What this means is that Facebook Page owners who have more than 400 fan, will see an option at the bottom of their post that says “promote.”

Promote a post on Facebook Pages

So what are promoted posts on Facebook?  Once you post a status update, a link, or photo to your Facebook Timeline and you are not happy with the results you’re getting – such as only reaching just 5% of your Facebook fans, you can pay Facebook a little extra to have your content shown to more fans!

How to use the promote post feature on your Facebook Page (video):

YouTube Preview Image

Hopefully you’ve watched the short video on how to promote Facebook posts. What I want to know is would you be more or less inclined to share a promoted post? Leave a comment with your answer below.