Facebook Page changes in 2012

Another year, another Facebook Page change. Over the past few days, I’ve been producing a series of videos on Facebook Page changes in 2012 that cover the new changes you can expect when all Facebook Pages are switched over to the new layout on March 30, 2012. For those of you who want a quick rundown on what has changed and how to apply these changes, I’ve put together a complete guide below — complete with a downloadable PDF file.

Not only are Facebook Pages getting a facelift in 2012, but I can definitely tell you you’ll really like these new features once you get used to them. They add depth to your Facebook Page, something that was sorely missing from past iterations. In addition, page owners will get a lot of new features that they can use to upsell their content. And by upsell, I don’t just mean products. If you primarily post updates about news, you can highlight some of your best posts, use the pin to top feature – to keep polls at the top of your Facebook Page, and add layers of content by adding in Milestones.

So enough about all of these exciting new changes – take a moment to view the following image, which highlights Facebook Page changes in 2012. There’s a lot there, so I’ve broken them down to make it easier to digest.

2012 Facebook Page changes

New features for Facebook Pages in 2012:

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