The State of Social Media in 2012

2012 was a HUGE year for social media – especially for mobile.  Twitter revamped their mobile app, Facebook followed suit and overhauled Facebook for iOS (which was sorely needed). Then, not to be outdone, Pinterest launched business pages for Pinterest, which allowed businesses to create their own accounts that didn’t require a complex way to squeeze your business into the first name and last name fields (finally).

Besides mobile, 2012 was also big for investors as well, as Facebook went public – and who can forget about Facebook Timeline, which also launched in 2012 – I know, it’s hard to remember all the way back to January 2012.

So what else happened with social media in 2012? Take a look at this infographic on everything that happened in social media in 2012.

The state of social media in 2012Source: Seo Co.

2012 was a banner year for social media.  So what direction will social media head in 2013? It’s hard to say because social media changes so fast.  My prediction is that mobile will continue to grow. I also expect video to be huge in 2013.

How about you? What predictions do you have for social media in the new year? Leave a comment below or send me a tweet with your predictions.