How to install LeadPages in WordPress

It’s no secret, I’m a big fan of LeadPages. In fact, I often get asked a lot how to install LeadPages in WordPress.

Having been through the process, I thought it would be helpful to create a tutorial that walks you through the steps needed to install LeadPages in WordPress.

Perfect harmony

While LeadPages provides users with their own custom LeadPages URL, some users prefer to use their own website address.

Not only does this help with branding, but it makes it easier for people to remember.

This is where using LeadPages with WordPress can come in handy.

Let’s get started learning how to install LeadPages in WordPress.

How to install LeadPages in WordPress

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5 ways to grow your business with YouTube

Growing your business with YouTube

When you mention the terms, social media and business, a lot of people instantly conjure up images of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ – along with a long list of questions.  What they often forget is that while these are social networks aimed at curating content from around the web, you have to have content to share on them to keep them growing.  Enter YouTube, an online video sharing community.

In addition to being the number two search engine (behind Google), YouTube is a tremendous social media tool where you can create your own online videos, build an audience, and drive traffic back to your business in a number of ways – by posting a video on your favorite social networks like Facebook or Twitter, encouraging visitors to check out your website, sign-up for your newsletter or as a way to leverage word of mouth marketing where viewers tell their friends about your video.

YouTube Beginnings

When I first got started making YouTube videos I’ll admit, I was pretty scared. Some of the questions I wondered about were if I could amass any considerable number of views – I also had a lot of questions about YouTube videos – will viewers like my content, will I even get viewers and how do I deal with comments and so on.

These are questions that anyone who is just getting started with online video might ask themselves.  But just two years later (and 750,000+ views), I’m happy to say that I enjoy making videos – almost more than blogging. And it’s not because I’m shy or anything. I just find they allow me to express my creativity through story-telling along with the creativity that goes into writing each video.

So to help you out, I’ve come up with 5 ways you can use YouTube to grow your small, medium, or large business.

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5 ways to use Instagram for business

5 way to use Instagram for your business5 ways to use Instagram for business. Most people think of Instagram as a quick and convenient way to take photos of their friends, family and vacations. While it is great for pleasure, you can also use Instagram for business as well.

In fact, not only does it serve as a great way to take quick photos, but you can also customize the look of your photos using various filters and tilt-shift blur (adding a blur to the background while keeping a single point on the photo sharp).

So now that you’re aware of what Instagram can do, how can you use Instagram for business and what are some of the benefits of using Instagram for business?

5 ways to use Instagram for business

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3 ways to get people talking about your business!

For business owners, having an online presence is key — especially if you own an online business. Sure, that means having the obvious Facebook page for your business, but what about a Twitter account? Yes, you’ll need one of those too – preferably one that lists your businesses name, website and information and not your own.

Once you’ve setup your Twitter profile – see my Twitter profile tips, the next thing you’ll want to consider doing is to create a Twitter background. Sure, sounds boring, but if you’re creative, you can come up with some pretty nifty designs that make your Twitter profile standout and make you look like a Twitter superstar.

Below are two different types of Twitter accounts that have created a custom background.

Branding yourself:

In the above example, this person has added their person contact information along with a graphic and a larger photo. This is a great use of space, as it helps to let others know how to contact them and where else they can connect with them at.

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