20+ Ways to Use Apple Watch for Social Media to Get More Done!

Do you spend a lot of time pulling out your iPhone to check your social media channels?

Maybe you’re managing social media for clients or constantly checking your own channels for new updates.

We’re all guilty of that.

The bottomline is that social media can be time-consuming and interrupt our focus if we let it.

This can lead to a loss in productivity and if you’re a business owner, lost revenue.

What if you could improve the time you spend on social media each day?

For example, spend 60 minutes a day instead of getting lost for hours in your newsfeed?

In this article I’ll show you some ways you can use Apple Watch for social media.

This way you can begin to improve your productivity and accomplish more in your business.

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Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use Apple Watch for social media.

This way you can stay on-top of conversations, capitalize on new content ideas, and get more done on your social media channels!

20+ Ways to Use Apple Watch for Social Media

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10 Animated GIF tools to help excite your audience

How many of you have seen animated GIFs on Google+ and Tumblr?

While animated GIFs aren’t new, (they’ve been around since the 90s), many social networks are starting to allow them to be shared.

Recently, Twitter added support for animated GIFS like Google+ and Tumblr.

Here’s an example:

Note: According to TechCrunch, Twitter is converting animated GIFs.

This is great news if you are a Twitter user.

Now you can now include others types of media in your tweets besides just text.

Here are some examples:

By incorporating animated GIFs into your messages, you can make them more engaging for your audience and help get across a point better.

For example, instead of including a written tutorial, you can simply link off to an animated GIF!

So how do you create your own animated GIFs?

To help you learn how to create your own animated GIFs, I put together my favorite animated GIF tools.

10 Animated GIF tools

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5 Hashtag tracking tools to help track and measure social media performance

How many of you are use hashtag tracking tools to help you identify and plan out your social media campaigns?

Recently, I was giving a presentation on how to leverage hashtags and spent a lot of time answering questions from people wanting to know if there were social media tools to help identify which hashtags they needed to include.

In this article, I am going to cover five hashtag tracking tools you can use to find the right hashtags to use with your social media campaigns.

What are hashtags?

For those of you new to hashtags, hashtags are a way to group conversations together.

For example, I conveniently use the hashtag #AskCK to make it easier for users on Twitter to ask me questions.

This also makes it easier for me to track the conversation by simply clicking on the hashtag.

Hashtags are also very useful when you want to insert your information into other larger conversations.

An example of this is using the hashtag #BizTips when sharing updates that are business related or using #Socialmedia when sharing content that is social media related.

Benefits of using hashtags

As I mentioned, by including hashtags in your discussions, it makes it easier for people to follow the discussion that is taking place.

For example, many events create their own hashtag so that attendees can see who is saying what at an event.

If they did not include hashtags, it would be difficult to follow all of the conversations taking place.

The same holds true when trying to measure how effective your social media campaigns were.

Imagine having to go through thousands of conversations. By including a hashtag, you can quickly filter the conversations to only show conversations using a specific hashtag.

This way you can quickly see the conversations and measure your performance.

5 Hashtag tracking tools

Now that you are aware of what hashtags are, how do you identify which hashtags you should be using in your social media campaigns?

Fortunately, there are a number of hashtag tracking tools you can use to help identify, analyze, and measure the effectiveness of a social media campaign.

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Twitter Analytics – Measuring your success on Twitter

Do you track your success on Twitter using Twitter analytics?

While analytics may seem like a scary thing, Twitter has been on a roll lately with the addition of some powerful new tools that can help you grow you presence on Twitter.

These include the ability to schedule tweets on Twitter and Twitter analytics.

Today we’re going to cover Twitter analytics and how you can use it.

Tracking with Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics let’s you do more then just see who your followers are or how many times a tweet was retweeted.

You can track the following areas with the Twitter analytics tool.

Timeline activity

The timeline activity section let’s you gather a lot of information about how popular your tweets are.

For example, you can see the number of clicks, favorites, retweets, and replies that a tweet got.

Timeline activity for Twitter analytics
View favorites, retweets, and replies in Twitter analytics.


Besides seeing your timeline activity, you can use the analytics tool to track your followers.

For example, you can see follower growth, location, and the people they follow (so that you can follow them back).

Follower activity in Twitter analytics
Analyze who your followers are following and where your followers are from.

Website activity

The website activity section let’s you track how well the tweet buttons on your website is performing.

After you install the tracking code, you can see timeline activity from your website.

Twitter analytics for websites
Track how the tweet button performs on your website.


Website activity in Twitter analytics
View website activity within the analytics interface.

How to use Twitter Analytics

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How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter Without Using HootSuite

In case you haven’t heard the news, you can now schedule tweets on Twitter – but there’s a catch.

You have to do it through the Twitter Ads interface.

No, this doesn’t mean you’ll need to start paying Twitter to use their tool. Anyone can schedule tweets on Twitter using the ads tool.

Note: scheduling tweets through Twitter only works on a desktop. You cannot schedule tweets from a mobile device (yet).

Another thing that I find interesting. The timing of this announcement aligns perfectly with the upcoming Twitter IPO and suggests that Twitter plans to make money by giving all users the ability to create Twitter Ads.

What’s also interesting is that this could mean the end of HootSuite – more on that later though.

To schedule tweets on Twitter, follow the instructions below.

How to schedule tweets on Twitter

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The Twitter media grid – quickly access tweeted photos and videos

Twitter media grid

Did you know, Twitter has its very own grid for storing your media. It’s called the Twitter media grid.

What is the Twitter media grid?

The Twitter media grid is a page on Twitter where you can quickly access any photos or videos that you’ve tweeted out. This is a very helpful tool and definitely a link that you should bookmark if you’re someone who shares a lot of photos and videos and want to be able to access this information quickly.

Twitter media grid vs Twitter archives

For those of you thinking of downloading your Twitter archive to find your tweets with photos or videos, while this is another way to access past tweets, it’s not as efficient.

While you can download your Twitter archive, the Twitter media grid can help you save time having to comb through past tweets.

If you know that you’re looking for a photo or video that you tweeted out, instead of using your Twitter archive, you can quickly access the Twitter media grid to find what you’re looking for.

And because the Twitter media grid is visual, you can easily scroll through and see the content you’re looking for whereas your Twitter archive would require you to search for the specific terms you’re looking for.

As your tweet volume grows, this may mean you’ll have to go through tens of thousands of tweets. Not exactly an efficient use of time.

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4 Twitter apps to help you organize yourself better

Twitter organizationOne of the keys to using Twitter regularly, isn’t just using it – when we do this we tend to send out less signal and more noise that just wastes time.  Instead, the key is to learn how it can work for YOU. Start by asking yourself, what challenges do I face with using Twitter.  Is it not understanding the terminology or how to send a tweet Twitter? Maybe I’m good at sending out tweets, but not so good at replying back to other users that have tweeted me back.  By identifying problem area(s) that you need help with, you can begin getting yourself organized and building a strategy around Twitter for yourself or even your business.

Below are 4 of my favorite apps to help you organize yourself better on Twitter.

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