10 Animated GIF tools

10 Animated GIF tools to help excite your audience

How many of you have seen animated GIFs on Google+ and Tumblr?

While animated GIFs aren’t new, (they’ve been around since the 90s), many social networks are starting to allow them to be shared.

Recently, Twitter added support for animated GIFS like Google+ and Tumblr.

Here’s an example:

Note: According to TechCrunch, Twitter is converting animated GIFs.

This is great news if you are a Twitter user.

Now you can now include others types of media in your tweets besides just text.

Here are some examples:

By incorporating animated GIFs into your messages, you can make them more engaging for your audience and help get across a point better.

For example, instead of including a written tutorial, you can simply link off to an animated GIF!

So how do you create your own animated GIFs?

To help you learn how to create your own animated GIFs, I put together my favorite animated GIF tools.

10 Animated GIF tools

1. Jiffy

Animated GIF tool - Jiffy
Create animated GIFs from YouTube videos using the Google Chrome extension, Jiffy.


With Jiffy, a Google Chrome extension, you can create animated GIFs from YouTube videos.

Simply enter the start and end times and select “make GIF.”

Download: Jiffy

2. GIF Brewery

Animated GIF tools - GIF Brewery
Create animated GIFs from any video source using GIF Brewery.

GIF Brewery is a powerful mac app for creating animated GIFs.

This is one of my favorite animated GIF tools because you’re not limited to using just YouTube videos.

With GIF Brewery, you can load up any video and quickly crop and create animated GIFs quickly.

Download: GIF Brewery

3. GIMPAdobe Photoshop CC

Animated GIF tools - GIMP
Create animated GIFs using GIMP.

GIMP and Adobe Photoshop CC aren’t just animated GIF tools.

You can use either of them to create animated GIFs.

They are also powerful graphics programs which you can use to create visual content for your social media channels.

Download: GIMP / Download Adobe Photoshop CC

4. GIFMaker.me

Animated GIF tools - GIFMaker
Create animated GIFs using image files using GIFMaker.

While most of the animated GIF tools mentioned are tools you need to download or install in your browser, you can also create animated GIFs via a website.

With GIFMaker.me, you can upload your collection of JPG, PNG or GIF images and create your own animated GIFs.

This tool works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Download: GIFMaker.me 


Animated GIF tools - EZGIF
Create and edit animated GIFs using animated GIF tools like EZGIF

EZGIF is one of those all-in-one animated GIF tools.

Not only can you create animated GIFs, you can also edit them.

What’s great about this tool is that it is completely web-based and free.

Download: EZGIF 

6. Gickr

Animated GIF tools - Gickr
Create animated GIFs from photos, Flickr, Picasa and more using animated GIF tools like Gickr.

Gickr makes the list of animated GIF tools.

Not only can you upload your own photos, but you can also choose photos from Flickr or use YouTube videos.

Gickr also gives you the opportunity to set the size along with the speed of your animated GIFs.

When you’re finished creating your animated GIF, you can share it or download it.

Download: Gickr

7. Picasion

Animated GIF tools - Picasion
Create and share animated GIFs using Picasion.

Picasion let’s you create animated GIFs through a website.

They offer “advanced” features such as the ability to specify a size and help choose the right speed of the animation.

Animated GIFs created using Picasion can be saved to your computer, uploaded, or embedded into a blog post.

Download: Picasion

8. Loogix

Animated GIF tools - Loogix
Use animated GIF tools like Loogix to create animated GIFs and reverse animated GIFs.

With Loogix, you can create animated GIFs. You can also create a reverse animated GIF.

Price:  Free

Download: Loogix

9. Make a GIF

Animated GIF tools - Make a GIF
Create animated GIFs using a variety of different types of media with Make A Gif.

With Make a GIF, you can upload multiple images, set the speed and size, and share your animated GIF.

Download: Make a GIF

10. GIFSoup

Animated GIF tools - GIFSoup
Create animated GIFs using images or videos with GIFSoup.

With animated GIF tools like GIFSoup, you can quickly create animated GIFs from YouTube videos.

GIFSoup also offers a search feature to let you find animated GIFs.

Download: GIFSoup

Your turn

I hope you found this collection of animated GIF tools useful.

When creating animated GIF tools, you have a lot of animated GIF tools to choose from.

Choose the one that works best for your needs.

Also remember, just because you can create animated GIFs, it doesn’t mean you need to use them for everything.

My advice is to use them sparingly. This way it keeps your content looking fresh for your audience.

Besides the animated GIF tools I shared, are there other ones you’ve used and recommend?

If so, leave a comment below and let me know.