How to use Twitter analytics

Twitter Analytics – Measuring your success on Twitter

Do you track your success on Twitter using Twitter analytics?

While analytics may seem like a scary thing, Twitter has been on a roll lately with the addition of some powerful new tools that can help you grow you presence on Twitter.

These include the ability to schedule tweets on Twitter and Twitter analytics.

Today we’re going to cover Twitter analytics and how you can use it.

Tracking with Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics let’s you do more then just see who your followers are or how many times a tweet was retweeted.

You can track the following areas with the Twitter analytics tool.

Timeline activity

The timeline activity section let’s you gather a lot of information about how popular your tweets are.

For example, you can see the number of clicks, favorites, retweets, and replies that a tweet got.

Timeline activity for Twitter analytics
View favorites, retweets, and replies in Twitter analytics.


Besides seeing your timeline activity, you can use the analytics tool to track your followers.

For example, you can see follower growth, location, and the people they follow (so that you can follow them back).

Follower activity in Twitter analytics
Analyze who your followers are following and where your followers are from.

Website activity

The website activity section let’s you track how well the tweet buttons on your website is performing.

After you install the tracking code, you can see timeline activity from your website.

Twitter analytics for websites
Track how the tweet button performs on your website.


Website activity in Twitter analytics
View website activity within the analytics interface.

How to use Twitter Analytics

YouTube Preview Image

Step 1: Login to Twitter Ads Manager

Step 2: From the analytics dropdown menu, select an area to look at.

Twitter analytics menu
Three areas you can track with Twitter analytics.

Wrap-up on the Twitter analytics tool

I’m pretty excited about the new analytics tool, especially the ability to track tweets from my website. This way I can see what is getting shared the most.

How about you? Do you see yourself using the analytics tool from Twitter? Leave a comment below and list the tool you currently use for measuring Twitter analytics.

  • Holly McIlwain

    Perfect timing, as I was just researching Twitter analytic tools like Hootsuite. I’m pretty excited too about the new analytics tool and the ability to track tweets from my websites. Thank you.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @hollymcilwain:disqus, glad to hear this helped you out. The tweets from website option is very handy.

      • Holly McIlwain

        Does it show unfollowers?

        • Christian Karasiewicz

          Holly McIlwain, yes. Under the timeline activity section, you can see how many followers you gained and how many people unfollowed you.

          If you want to see who the people are that unfollowed you, I would check out Manage Flitter.

          Here is a write-up on some additional Twitter analytics tools.


  • Websuccess

    This is great information Christian, thanks for sharing it. I will use this for my client’s Twitter accounts. It seems very easy to use and to set-up.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      Thanks @janettespeyer:disqus, it is pretty easy to setup. If you run into any issues, let me know.

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