Dirtymouth for Facebook

Cleaning up Facebook status updates with Dirtymouth

Do you have a dirty mouth on Facebook? If you’re not sure if your content might be considered offensive, you should try Dirtymouth.

What is Dirtymouth?

Dirtymouth for Facebook

Dirtymouth is a free social media tool for Facebook users that can analyze status updates and comments on your Facebook Profile and tell you if it considers it to be offensive.

Does it clean-up our status updates? Here’s a review of Dirtymouth on our Facebook Profile. Let’s see if it worked.

Review of Dirtymouth for Facebook

The claim

Dirtymouth says it will identify status updates and comments on a Facebook Profile that it considers to be offensive or not safe for work.


Setting up Dirtymouth was straightforward. Press the “oh dear, what have I said,” button and then connect your Facebook Profile.

That’s all there is to it.

Dirtymouth setup
Setting up Dirtymouth for Facebook.

The results

We put Dirtymouth to the test and it here is what it found offensive on our Facebook Profile.

Offensive Facebook posts
Offensive posts identified by Dirtymouth for Facebook.

As you can see, it identified a few things that could be considered offensive.

To view these items on your profile, click the “I don’t think this was a good ideas…” button to see where they appeared.

I was a little surprised at the posts that Dirtymouth identified. For example, it was great that it identified

Offensive Facebook post
Offensive Facebook posts on Dirtymouth.

Overall, I found Dirtymouth to be pretty useful.

The real question is how could this be used in business?

Dirtymouth for business? It could happen.

It would be great to see an additional layer applied before someone shared a status update.

For example, what if Dirtymouth could check your update for offensive content prior to sharing your update? This could help you avoid an embarrassing situation.

In addition, how about tying this idea into Facebook Insights for Facebook Pages and using it to compare your status updates with any negative feedback you received to help improve the content you share with fans?

Your turn

Try Dirtymouth and leave a comment below indicating how many Facebook status updates and comments it identified as being offensive.

If you have a suggestion for this Facebook tool, I would like to hear that as well.