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22 Facebook keyboard shortcuts to help you work faster on Facebook

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Do you waste a lot of time on Facebook just clicking around on your Facebook news feed?

Maybe you like a lot of posts in the news feed.

Or you like to comment or share a status update.

Instead of clicking on each update and sharing it, you can use Facebook keyboard shortcuts to help speed up the process.

This article is going to teach you 22 Facebook keyboard shortcuts to help save time when using Facebook.

22 Facebook keyboard shortcuts

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts you can use from your Facebook news feed.

  1. J – Scroll down news feed stories
  2. K – Scroll up news feed stories
  3. P – Post a new status
  4. L – Like or unlike a selected story
  5. C – Comment on a selected story
  6. S – Share the selected story
  7. O – Open an attachment from a selected story
  8. Enter – See more of a selected story
  9. / – Search Facebook
  10. Q – Search chat contacts
  11. ? – Open the list of keyboard shortcuts from the Facebook news feed

Besides getting around the news feed, you can also use these Facebook keyboard shortcuts to get to other places on Facebook.

  1. Ctrl + Alt + 0 – Help
  2. Ctrl + Alt + 1 – Home
  3. Ctrl + Alt + 2 – Timeline
  4. Ctrl + Alt + 3 – Friends
  5. Ctrl + Alt + 4 – Inbox
  6. Ctrl + Alt + 5 – Notifications
  7. Ctrl + Alt + 6 – Settings
  8. Ctrl + Alt + 7 – Activity log
  9. Ctrl + Alt + 8 – About
  10. Ctrl + Alt + 9 – Terms
  11. Ctrl + Alt + m – New message

Activating Facebook keyboard shortcuts

To use any of these shortcuts on Facebook, first make sure you’re on your Facebook news feed.

Once there, press the keyboard shortcut you would like.

For example, if I want to scroll through news feed stories, I would press the j key.

Facebook keyboard shortcuts in news feed
A story you have selected with have a blue box around it in news feed

Facebook posts you are viewing get a blue box around them

If you ever forget what the shortcuts are, you can bring up the Facebook keyboard shortcut menu by pressing ?.

Facebook Keyboard shortcuts
To access Facebook keyboard shortcuts, press the ? key
Note: I had to press Shift + ? in Google Chrome to bring up the keyboard shortcuts menu.

Out of the entire list of Facebook keyboard shortcuts, my favorite is using the L key with the J and K keys.

This allows you to quickly move through your news feed and like and unlike posts with ease.

Over to you

By combining these Facebook keyboard shortcuts together, you can get faster at using Facebook.

This way you can quickly go through your Facebook news feed and engage with your audience with just a few keystrokes.

Besides these keyboard shortcuts, what other ones would you like to see Facebook add?

Leave a comment below and tell me which keyboard shortcut you think they left out.