Facebook Audience Suggestions

Facebook Audience Suggestions Demystified

The other day, I posted about Facebook Audience Suggestions on my Facebook Page. Since then, I’ve had a lot of people ask me – what exactly are Facebook Audience Suggestions?

To help you better understand them, I’ve put together a short tutorial on Facebook Audience Suggestions – what they are, how you add them to your Facebook Page, how you submit a suggestion, and what they can be used for.

What are Facebook Audience Suggestions?

Facebook Audience Suggestions

Facebook Audience Suggestions are a way for fans and non-fans to makes suggestions in the about section of a Facebook Page.

For example, I can suggest to a Facebook Page to change their category, phone number, address, etc.

Note: if a lot of people make the same suggestion about your Facebook Page, it may be added to your page. This is very important because it can help other people discover your page better.

How do you get Facebook Audience Suggestions?

In order to get audience suggestions, your Facebook Page first needs to be set up as  location – this means fans have the ability to check-in to your business on Facebook.

You’ll know you have it right when you have a “suggest an edit” option next to the about section.

How do you submit Facebook Audience Suggestions?

To submit Facebook Audience Suggestions, simply go to a Facebook Page and if they are set up where you can check-in to their business, under the about section, you’ll see “suggest an edit.” 

When you click this, it will bring up the following screen where you can make recommendations on how a Facebook Page is classified. Additionally, if a Facebook Page is an unofficial page you can identify the official Facebook Page.

In addition to being able to submit suggestions about a Facebook Page’s category, you can also recommend that they update their phone number and address.

Facebook Audience Suggestions

How do I access suggestions made through Facebook Audience Suggestions?

Once you have Facebook Audience Suggestions turned on, how you access the one’s you have received?

To see if you have any audience suggestions, follow these steps:

  1. Select Edit Page
  2. Select Update Info
  3. Click on “audience suggestions”

At this point, you can choose to review, accept or decline suggestions.


Facebook Audience Suggestions

Wrap-up on Facebook Audience Suggestions

Audience Suggestions are a great way to ensure that your Facebook Page is updated with the latest information about your business. After turning on this feature, be sure to let your fans know how they can submit audience suggestions to you.

This way your business can focus on business and less on updating your pages profile.

Question: How often do you update the about section of your Facebook Page? Leave a comment and a link to your Facebook Page. 


  • andrew

    The place where you retrieve and review audience suggestions seems to have moved. Do you know where it can now be found? Thanks!

    • Kiko

      did you found the answer?