Download: Facebook Group cover photo template

Do you need help with your Facebook Group cover photo?

How would you like a free Facebook Group cover photo template?

I’m going to show you a few ideas to help you create amazing looking Facebook Group cover photos and provide a Facebook Group cover photo template to help you get started.

Benefits of a good cover photo

Facebook Group cover photos are important for the following reasons:

  • Help your Facebook Group standout
  • Build your brand
  • Promote a group hashtag
  • Advertise products you offer in conjunction with your Facebook Group

Examples of Facebook Group cover photos

Here are a few examples of Facebook Group cover photos.

When creating your cover photo, be sure you let group members know what your Facebook Group is about.

This way it is easy for them to see if they want to join your Facebook Group.

All about WordPress

All about WordPress is a Facebook Group to get help with WordPress.


Inbound Marketers

Inbound marketers is a Facebook Group to discuss topics related to inbound marketing.


Social Chefs

Social Chefs is a Private Facebook Group for social media training.

So how do you create your own Facebook Group cover photo?

To create your own cover photo for your Facebook Group, download your own Facebook Group cover photo template below.

Facebook Group cover photo template sizes

When creating a Facebook Group cover photo, here is what you need.

1. Facebook Group cover photo size

As of July 2014, the correct size is 784 x 250 px.

2. Decide what your Facebook Group is about

Before you begin creating your group cover photo, think about what your group is about.

Some Facebook Groups advertise their hashtag in their cover photo.

Others like to promote products they offer and include a link in their cover photo description.

This way when someone clicks their cover photo, they can immediately get a link to download a product.

3. Download your Facebook Group cover photo template

Once you know what your cover photo is going to include, download this template to get started.

Bonus: Click here to download your Facebook Group cover photo template.

Over to you

How did your Facebook Group cover photo turn out?

Post a link to your Facebook Group and answer this question.

Question: Is your Facebook Group open, closed, or secret and what do you use your Facebook Group for?

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